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As North Dakotans are forced from their homes and struggle with a flooding river, Republican Party leader Rush Limbaugh has other things on his mind.

Said Limbaugh:

I heard some top of the hour news and it made me feel uncomfortable. It's about the flooding in Fargo, North Dakota brought on by the melting snowpack and the icepack. (reading from news item) "As the Red River threatens to overflow, they're filling in the dikes." Isn't there a more appropriate word? Do we have to say, I mean, we don't have any dikes here. The 'dykes' are over there...They're filling in the dikes. Couldn't we change that to 'they're filling in the contingencies' or something?...We really need to change that word.

SE: Fuck you, Rush. I think about you when I scrub my toilet.

Via Towleroad


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