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Two of America's largest automakers, GM and Ford are now offering to make payments for buyers who lose their jobs. GM will cover nine payments up to $500 a month, for those who buy vehicles through the end of April. Ford is offering to take over the payments for up to a year. Ford's incentive goes through June 1.

In January, Hyundai was the first car maker to allow unemployed customers to break a contract and return the car. Since then, the company's stock spiked 34 percent. Hyundai's program pays the difference between the car's trade-in value at the time the owner files a claim, and any remaining balance on the loan, up to $7,500. It's a break for consumers falling on hard luck, but it's also a creative way for companies to build relationships.

"They are creative ways to try and get consumers to come in and buy their goods, recognizing that the companies will work with the consumer to protect them if they do lose their job," said Mac Clouse, DU Business Professor.

It's not just the auto industry.

JetBlue is waiving flight cancellation fees of up to $100 to the newly unemployed.

Walgreen's drug store is offering free care to loyal customers with no job or insurance, for the rest of the year at limited locations with "take care" clinics.

For customers at Joseph A. Bank, the men's clothing chain, if you bought one of their suits priced at $199, and you lost your job, they'll give you the money back and you can keep the suit.

Earlier this month, FedEx allowed each customer to print 25 resumes for free. Nationwide, 24,000 people took advantage.

Camp Chief Ouray in Colorado is promoting its "Camp Magic Guarantee." Your child can go to summer camp for free, if you or your spouse is out of work.

For various industries, these are incentives never seen before, not even by analysts.

Via 9 News


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