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Our editorial staff almost dropped their cosmos after finding out the list of LGBT commitments had shrunk on the White House website. Within five minutes of Obama's swearing-in, a heavily detailed list of eight promises to us were posted and now they're gone. They're toast. They cease to exist.
President Obama also continues to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and believes that our anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity. He supports full civil unions and federal rights for LGBT couples and opposes a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.
Write the POTUS and ask where our promises went. Remember, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease... and equality isn't handed over easy breezy. Our days of being out-squeaked by the Republican and Christianist bitches is, and has been, over. So let's not let them start cooking us on the back burner again. We're working towards front and center.

That's it... call your parents and relatives, watch and destroy all your porn, and crack open a Coors Light because we're all going to die. The WHO has raised the Swine Flu Alert to between 5 and 6.

Phase 5 is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one WHO region. While most countries are not affected at this stage, the declaration of Phase 5 is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.

Phase 6, the pandemic phase, is characterized by community level outbreaks in at least one other country in a different WHO region in addition to the criteria defined in Phase 5. Designation of this phase will indicate that a global pandemic is under way.

Don't forget to Dine out for Life today for lunch or dinner at more than 300 restaurants in the Denver metro/Boulder area to benefit Project Angel Heart, an organization that provides and delivers nutritious home cooked meals to those with HIV/AIDS and other life threatening illnesses.

There are more than 1,000 volunteers out today to help with this edible event and donations over $25 are eligible for a match from the Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado.

Twenty five percent of your total food bill will go directly to Project Angel Heart and since you have to eat anyway, you might as well do it for a good cause.

For a list of participating restaurants, click it real good.

How do you force America to continue to watch an hour of television that should only take 15 minutes? Throw stupid shit like this in:

No, but really. Can you believe it? America was just as stunned as we were. Poor Adam... what a bust to his ego. He better step his game up before he's GONE.

Kelly McGillis, star of Top Gun and The L Word recently stated in an interview "I'm definitely looking for a woman...I'm done with the man thing. I did that. I need to move on in life. That's another part of being true to yourself."

McGillis went on to say that coming out has been an ongoing process and something she's always struggled with, especially after enduring several life-changing events, that she felt, god was putting her through as punishment for being gay.

Watch her interview, after the JUMP.

For some off color reason, this is delicious:
Former UK Big Brother contestant and Jade Goody widower Jack Tweed 21, was stunned when he bumped into the Culture Club icon in the wash block of the nick where they are both serving sentences. Shy Jack, whose Big Brother star wife Jade Goody died of cancer last month, repeatedly met beefy George after being sent to cushy Edmunds Hill jail in Suffolk. A pal said: 'Jack isn’t exactly the most comfortable person when it comes to getting attention from other men. As soon as he saw Boy George was standing there naked having a wash he was gobsmacked. He grew up listening to George’s records but never imagined the first time he met him he would be stark naked in a prison shower.' Sources said Jack TWICE went to the showers only to find 1980s icon Boy George, real name George O’Dowd, already in there wiping himself down. The THIRD time he went into the changing room where Boy George was getting undressed for his morning wash. A pal told The Sun: 'Jack knew what Boy George was in jail for and didn’t want to take any chances.'
Via Towleroad

The Maine Senate approved marriage equality legislation in a vote of 20-15. An amendment to send the measure to voters is under discussion.

On Tuesday, the Maine Judiciary Committee, which held public hearings last week, gave the marriage equality legislation a robust recommendation after an hour of discussion, voting 11-2 in favor of the bill. One legislator recommended sending it to voters for a referendum.

Via Towleroad. a total letdown. Just a bunch of recycled clips. Boring. Useless. At least the gathering storm gave us all a little chuckle and a few people out there something creative to work on. Sigh.

We would write Joe and Perez telling them to have the clip taken down due to copyright infringement. But then again, the ad doesn't send a message strong enough to warrant such efforts.

Another fail for the National Organization for Marriage. What will happen when Carrie gets stripped of her title for her paid-for-by-the-Miss-California-Organization boob job?

A California prisons spokesman says the former Prison Break actor was paroled and picked up from a facility in Tehachapi, CA early Wednesday morning.

Garrison had been sentenced in 2007 to serve three years and four months after pleading guilty to vehicular manslaughter and misdemeanor counts of drunken driving and giving alcohol to a minor.

He was charged after a December 2006 crash in which Garrison rammed his Land Rover into a tree, killing a 17-year-old girl and injuring two others.

Garrison was sentenced to four years of parole and ordered to pay around $300,000 in restitution to the victims and their families.

We're all hoping that since Prison Break has been cancelled, Lane will now be looking into gay porn... even if it is gay-for-pay.

The trailer for Julie & Julia was released today and it looks great! We're gettin' in line early for this one.

Via Tabloid Prodigy

Have we mentioned how much we like tattoos?

Great news! The U.S. House has just passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act by a vote of 249-175. The bill will now truck along to the Senate.

President Obama has promised to sign the bill when it reaches his desk.

Watch the Right Wing go ape-crazy over the bill:

... has every person in our office crawling under our desks and hoarding bottled water, lube, Coors Light, hashbrowns, and the last few blow-up dolls of Logan McCree (NSFW). Seriously. We all want to go home, caulk our windows shut, and emerge once the pandemic has subsided. This shit is scary. On top of that, we can't even enjoy any green chili from Barricuda's.

And now, Europe is seeing their first few cases of the flu bug.

And, Texas schools are shutting down sports and academic programs because of it (locker room showering will continue, however).

Where the hell does Republican Rep. Virginia Fox get off calling the Murder of Matthew Shephard a "hoax"?

Fact: The killers DID conspire to select a gay victim to rob and that is blatantly clear since both of them hung out in a gay bar and lured Matthew out by telling him they were both gay.


An AMAZING result. Yesterday the progressive site Blue Hampshire forecast that the bill would fail by several votes.
The New Hampshire Senate has approved a bill that would allow same-sex marriage in the Granite State. After surviving an early vote to kill HB 436, the bill passed the New Hampshire Senate Wednesday afternoon by a vote of 13 to 11. The Senate version of the bill made minor amendments to remove gender-specific language, so it will now go back to the House for a vote. Gov. John Lynch has said marriage is a word that should be reserved for the union of a man and a woman, but he has not said specifically that he would veto the bill. The House passed a similar measure last month by a 186-179 vote. The two chambers must reconcile small changes between the two measures in a conference committee but this is seen as a technicality. Senators were subjected to a blizzard of lobbying from gay rights groups in the days leading up to today’s vote. Lobbying efforts focused on a small handful of Democratic lawmakers who were seen as on the fence, including Senate President Sylvia Larson and Sens. Lou D’Allesandro, Betsy DeVries and Deb Reynolds. All but D’Allesandro voted in favor of the bill. Sen. Reynolds may face criticism from conservative and Republican circles, as she voted to kill the measure in the committee and switched her vote on the Senate floor. Sen. DeVries told constituents this weekend in voice mail recordings that she would vote against it, but she voted for it. Every Republican member of the state Senate voted against the bill.

We're giving them an "A" for effort... and for the fact that this is one of the funniest, most adorable things we've ever, ever seen. From Ballers to Dancers (with a lot of practice):

A federal judge has awarded a former Army Special Forces commander nearly $500,000 because she was rejected from a job at the Library of Congress while transitioning from a man to a woman.

Diane Schroer, previously David Schroer, had applied for a job as a terrorism analyst while still a man and was offered the job. But, once disclosing to a library member her plans for a sex change, the job offer was withdrawn with that same library official saying the job would "not be a good fit".

U.S. District Judge James Robinson ruled Tuesday that Schroer was entitled to $491,190 in back pay and damages because discriminating against someone for changing genders is, in fact, sex discrimination under federal law.

This is why you're fat. Corn on the cob wrapped in hickory bacon with two hot dogs and two Colby-Jack cheese sticks wrapped in ground beef.

The Cornhole Corn on the cob wrapped in hickory bacon with two hot dogs and two Colby-Jack cheese sticks wrapped in ground beef. (submitted by Joe T. and EOB)

Mad thanks to Wicked Gay Blog for posting this story! Considering the dynamic in a locker room full of cocky football players, this man and his teammates definately don't fit the mold of typical jocks. It just goes to show that straight jocks can surprise us just as much as we can surprise them!

Defensive tackle Brian Sims This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it was the captain of the Bloomsburg University football team. He had grown up an Army brat with two Army colonels for parents.

Sims said he didn't come out to his team: "My team came out to me."

Someone Sims had dated shared a class with the quarterback of the football team, Eric Miller. Sims believes that the jilted lover wanted Sims kicked off the football team, so he told Miller that he had been dating Sims. Soon after, Sims was out on the town with Miller and longtime friend and teammate Fran Gregor. After a couple drinks, Miller asked Sims if he was gay.

It was the question Sims had been fearing for years. He knew many of his teammates probably suspected that he was gay, and he was right.

"He's the captain of the football team, he's a good-looking guy," Gregor, his good friend and teammate through high school and college, said. "In the dorms, there were nights when girls would literally stumble into our room and climb into bed with him. And five minutes later, they would leave." (Continue Reading-Source/OutSports).

Which is just fine with us. He is also modeling for this company, this company, and this company.


Disgusting anti-gay guest column makes it into the Des Moines Register. Parents blame the homosexual community for "recruiting their son" into the lifestyle and then flat out dropping him once he became HIV positive. Video included.

Obama urges Congress to pass Federal Hate Crimes Act.

If everything was made by Microsoft.

"Gay Sex Here": A Dutch park near Amsterdam has installed signs to point the way.

Egypt orders the slaughter of all pigs in the country as a precaution against swine flu. PETA has yet to issue a complaint.

Gay man forced out of dying partner's room at Oregon Health and Sciences University Hospital.

Astronomers snap the most distant object they've ever seen.

Howard Stern speaks out FOR gay marriage.

We love it when four-time-married, drunk-driving, ex-con, tax evading bitches speak out against gay marriage. The is former DC Mayor Marion Barry, who's got a rap sheet longer than my... well... it's long.


Let's look past the name-fail of this product and ask ourselves a much bigger question: what better way to spend your hard-earned money on something that predicts your child's gender while it's still in the womb!? Because, gender identification isn't included in the price of your ultra scan at the hospital. But be careful... it can only predict a boy or a girl, so if your child identifies as some other gender, you're out the $34.95 you paid for it.

Intelligender’s Web site also includes a charming picture of two cups of pee that turn pink or blue depending on the child’s gender. I’ll omit those images.

Bitch, please.

Bear Nation is a weekend to celebrate what makes the bear community unique. If you look at the community, you will see bears, cubs, otters, and more of all shapes, sizes, ages, nationalities, and personalities. See how all of these have come together to make the Bear Community a very unique, accepting group of men. You will see how out of many differences, they have come together as one. Click on the image to learn more about Octobearfest and the Front Range Bears.


on 4/20... at 4.20PM. There's no weed-smokin' in Colorado.

What makes him even hotter (in my opinion) is that he loves to fuck and get fucked, bareback. That's right, I said it makes him hotter that he loves bareback sex.
Mason Wyler recently let this foul shit tumble out of his mouth when talking about how hot Brock Armstrong is. If Mason wants to put his life at risk and fuck around without a condom, then that's his choice. But glorifying it is a bad move... and really disappointing... especially from someone who has countless safe-sex movies out there.

Julia spoke at the Lincoln Center Tribute to Tom Hanks on Sunday and boy, did she have a lot to fuckin' say.

She said that since she was up last, all the good Tom Hanks jokes had been taken. But really, Julia... we've all seen you talk to the paparazzi. You fucking love to swear.

A government memo shows the Federal Aviation Agency predicted "public concern" over fighter jets flying near downtown Manhattan, but demanded that New York officials not explain the planes' terrifying presence

In the memo, FAA official James Johnston acknowledged the possibility of public concern regarding a Department of Defense aircraft flying at low altitudes. Instead of doing the right thing, and salvaging the now crap-stained underwear of thousands of New Yorkers, Johnston threatened federal sanctions if the purpose of the flyover (which was staged to create a White House publicity photo of Air Force One flying past the Statue of Liberty) leaked out.

We're wondering if that picture was to include the aura of a thousand New Yorkers running for thier lives.

... is about the most terrifying thing we've seen a while.

French performance art group La Machine have come to Yokohama to take part in the upcoming Expo Y150, a 5-month festival commemorating the 150th anniversary of the opening of the city’s port. And what do these people built to celebrate? Two, giant robotic spiders with fangs and all. The spider also shoots steam and water and from its mouth and rear end. Fucking great. Isn't the fact that this thing is, like, 50 stories tall dramatic enough?

Although the Expo Y150 festivities are not scheduled to officially begin until the end of April, the enormous steam-driven spiders could be seen prowling the Yokohama waterfront this weekend.

Why the HELL would you build something like this? To freak out all the arachnophobics at SwishEmbassy... that's why:

Fox has decided to stick to their normally scheduled programming by refusing to air Obama's Primetime Address tomorrow, which marks the President's first 100 days in office. ABC, NBC, and CBS will all be airing it.

The network states they will impose a graphic at the bottom of the screen telling viewers where they can watch the Address. Brilliant... send people to the competition. That always increases earnings, right?

Support for same sex marriage has risen 9% nationwide, in ONE MONTH. I'm sure we can thank Iowa and Vermont for this one. Via Wicked Gay Blog.

...the Republicans are falling apart at the seams. Senator Arlen Spector, the 12th-most senior person on the US Senate, annouced today that he would be leaving the Republican Party and switching over the Democratic side.

That's some major news for the White House and Obama, who is pleased with Spector's decision.

Spector is known as a moderate member of the GOP with conservative views on crime and national security with liberal leaning views on abortion, illegal immigration and the environment.

SwishEmbassy is rejoicing with the thought of Verizon adding an iPhone to its network. This means great things for our blog, since all editors will be able to update remotely from the beer bust or The Barker Lounge without having to lug big, 17-inch laptops with them.

Via Sozo's blog:

Apple is conducting high-level discussions with Verizon Wireless to sell a version of the iPhone that would work on Verizon’s network, which could be available as soon as next year.

AT&T has exclusive rights to the iPhone until 2010 and is doing all it can to remain the exclusive carrier. You may recall that the iPhone catapulted AT&T ahead of it's competitors as the iPhone because insanely popular adding 1.6 million new iPhone customers in the first quarter of sales.

Verizon, meanwhile, has done fine without the iPhone and recently purchased alltel, making it the leader in the cellular market with more than 80 million customers. If Verizon was to begin offering the iPhone — whether exclusively or as a competitor to AT&T — it would be a significant development in the increasingly important battle for smartphone users, said Roger Entner, an industry analyst with Nielsen AIG. It would give Verizon, which sells Samsung, Palm and BlackBerry smartphones, another device to lure subscribers who do not prefer the AT&T network.“The iPhone turned AT&T into a serious competitor now neck-in-neck with Verizon,” he said. If Verizon gets a contract to sell the iPhone, he said, it will be another major shift.

Gay Marriage is like giving dog licenses to cats.

Low flying planes scare the crap out of Manhattan residents. Now everyone's pissed. And rightly so.

By the numbers: 380+ gay Iowa couples get licenses.

What else to do at a hockey game but give your fellow sports buddy head?

Carrie Prejean hates homosexuals, but parties with transsexuals, and then denies it ever happend.

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says he will approve a new state license plate with an image of Jesus and a cross, despite complaints from the ACLU that the plate violates the separation of church and state. Crist:
If people don't want one they don't have to buy one. What does it say, in 'God we Trust' on every piece of monetary coins and paper we have? I think it's fine.

Can anyone predict what we'll be seeing next?

The NH Senate will vote on its marriage equality bill tomorrow, and over half of the Senators are expected to vote "no". NH Residents are encouraged to contact their senators here, and NOW. Last month, the house narrowly approved the bill.
Via JMG.

General Motors announced today they will completely eliminate the Pontiac brand from their vehicle line-up, resulting in the loss of 21,000 jobs. Via the Wall Street Journal:

The objective here is not to just survive but to come up with an operating plan that will allow us to win," Chief Executive Fritz Henderson said Monday. The U.S. Treasury will extend an additional $11.6 billion to GM, in addition to $15.4 billion in existing loans. The government will forgive half the debt in exchange for equity in a restructured GM. Henderson said earlier this month the White House had demanded "faster, deeper" cost cutting. Under the latest viability plan, GM's fourth iteration, the company will idle one additional factory and look to eliminate 500 additional dealers. Other reductions will come sooner than initially planned. GM said it expects to further reduce salaried employee headcount as well, but did not specify a number. The company said it will focus on four core brands in the U.S. - Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick and GMC - as it looks to make fewer different models and focus on product development programs. Production of the Pontiac brand will end by next year. "You have a strategy that wins or you have to stop," Henderson said. "We didn't have a strategy that allowed us to win with the Pontiac brand.

Outdated body styles and heavy vehicles really hit the company's pockets hard, as the vehicles under, what they called their "excitement brand", failed to appeal to the one market they were trying to capture: the young, hip crowd. And, as far as we know, aged looks, shotty manufacturing, tons of squeeky plastic, and bad gas mileage were never hip.

MSNBC did a great job covering the life of Bea Arthur. Interviews with Rue McClanahan and Betty white, as well.

Johnny Weir kicks highly-developed ass with this androgynous take on Lady GaGa's "Poker Face."

There's just something uplifting about seeing a family member tweaking an inexplicably uptight sport's nose:

Via Boy Culture

This monkey likes tempting fate just a little too much.


Maybe! Alicia Silverstone, was spotted shopping in LA with Clueless director Amy Heckerling (who also directed Look Who's Talking and Fast Times at Ridgemont High), sparking rumours of a Clueless redux. No confirmation of pre-production was found on Heckerling's IMDB page.

We're not too sure what to think of this news. Isn't Alicia a little old to be playing a highschool ditz? Although, she did look pretty good on that Gaythering Storm video.

Hmmm... comments?

Sergeant Gary Knight (above)of the Oklahoma City Police Department took to the internet to discuss sending undercover cops into areas of suspected homosexual activity in order to arrest men, and then post their mugshots in a gallery for all to see.

The Oklahoman reports: "Ten years later, police admit they can’t physically stop the men from going to Hobie Point any more than they can stop prostitutes from frequenting areas along S Robinson."

Said Sgt. Jennifer Wardlow: "I can’t say whether five years from now whether it will be the same. We are proactive in our approach in trying to eliminate this. We want them to be able to go there and take their family and not have to worry about this kind of activity. And we are pleased to be able to take these individuals off the streets.”

As in most of these types of busts, the men arrested likely don't identify themselves as gay.

Watch Knight, AFTER THE JUMP...

Via Towleroad

US Declares Swine Flu emergency. And Eric Massa wants the US/Mexico border closed. And now, you can watch it spread.

Rub on Viagra.

Surviving Golden Girls pay tribute to Bea Arthur.

Guess has a new male model. And he's hot.

Find a hot, tattooed prison pal to be buddies with. Rough trade, please.

Over the last seven days....

Indiana: Salvation Army Pastor Jonathan Hartman arrested for molesting three girls, youngest was 13, one is pregnant.

Alabama: Pastor Randall Pardue arrested for securities fraud.

California: Rev. Arcadio Larry Pineda and wife sued by congregation for embezzling over $100K.

North Carolina: Bishop Anthony Linwright charged with tax evasion, mail fraud, perjury for evading hundreds of thousands in income tax while driving a $175K Bentley.

California: Pastor Allen Harrod sentenced to life in prison for multiple charges of interstate transportation of minors for sexual activity.

New York: Father Steven Valenta charged with sexual assault on adult female family member.

Mexico: Father Rafael Muñiz Lopez arrested in bust of kiddie porn ring.

South Dakota: Pastor Timothy Stewart busted as peeping Tom.

Indiana: Pastor Chester Mulligan pleads guilty to stalking the 14 year-old girl he'd allegedly been fucking.

Arkansas: Pastor David Pierce arrested for sexual indecency with a minor.

Delaware: Pastor Timothy J. McDorman charged with rape of 16 year-old and possession of child pornography.


Marriage became legal today in Iowa and judges waived the three-day waiting period for some couples who wanted to marry immediately. Anti-gay activists delivered petitions at some state offices demanding that recorders "obey their conscience" and refuse to issue licenses to same-sex couples, but so far there is no report of any state employee refusing to do so.


MSNBC is reporting that, in addition to women and escorts, the Craigslist Killer solicited sex from men and transexuals, as well. Philip Markoff, who was to be married this summer, was arrested last week for the murder of a New York masseuse, and an assault on at least two other female escorts.

Some of our favorite quotes. Add your own if you like!

"Annelle... you take your bible and shove it where the sun dont shine."

"I don't enjoy hurting anybody. I dont like guns... or bombs... or electric chairs. But, sometimes people just wont listen... so I have to use persuasion."

"My name is Dexter. And I kill people. Bad people. People who deserve it. But the only people who know that... are dead."

"The Magnificent... Marvelous... MAD MAD MAD... Madame Mim!"

"You're a fraud Helen, you're a walking lie and I can see... right through you! Ha ha ha!"

"Boys! Don't you decorate your sister's car with condoms. It's tacky!"

"Shut up! You're makin' a fool outta yourself Clairee. This is football... all people wanna hear about are touchdowns and injuries. They don't give a damn 'bout that grape shit."

"Oh, no. No, Stop it. Stop it. Stop it. That is not cobbler!"

Beatrice Arthur, the tall, deep-voiced actress whose razor-sharp delivery of comedy lines made her a TV star in the hit shows "Maude" and "The Golden Girls" and who won a Tony Award for the musical "Mame," died Saturday. She was 86.

Arthur died peacefully at her Los Angeles home with her family at her side, family spokesman Dan Watt said. She had cancer, Watt said, declining to give further details.

You may remember when the announcement was made in 1992 that Beatrice would not be returning to the Golden Girls. Deciding the show could not survive without her, the producers decided to cancel. It would go on to be the only series, in the history of television, that was canceled at the peak of it's ratings.

In the end, all the girls agreed: it was better to cancel the show immediately and be remembered as a great hit, rather than a story that slowly fizzled out and lost it's appeal.

Pussy Cat Dolls :: Buttons (Dave Auld Remix):

Cold Play :: Talk (Thin White Duke Remix):

Kaskade :: Everything (Big Room Remix):

Dominic Purcell! Remember this hot piece of rough trade from Prison Break?

Sources say, General Motors is preparing to announce the division of it's company accredited for orginating the muscle car will no longer be a part of it's portfolio. In the company's most recent "viability plan" - which will be updated to reflect this new brand cut - Pontiac was not named as one of GM's four core brands... which has people speculating if GM will continue to produce cars bearing the Pontiac symbol.
The re-introduction of the Pontiac GTO name on a performance coupe imported from Australia didn't result in big sales. So far, the Pontiac G8, a rear-wheel-drive four-door sedan also imported from GM's Australian Holden division, hasn't been a sales success either, despite good reviews.

Pontiac's most popular products remain the G6, a decent but unexciting midsize car available as a sedan, coupe or convertible, and the Vibe, a small wagon shared with Toyota, which sells it as the Matrix.

Any plans to return Pontiac to the heavy-horsepower days of the '70s ended as gas prices rose and Congress prepared stricter fuel economy rules for the industry.

Those pressures resulted in GM quietly introducing the Pontiac G3, which had been sold in Canada only. Once again, Pontiac was selling a rebadged Chevrolet product, this time the Korean-built Aveo subcompact car.

Pontiac's lack of focus as a brand may finally have brought its demise, said Smith. "That's just death in a marketplace where there's so much competition and so much quality," he said.Pontiac's current role in GM seems mostly to be to support GMC and Buick by providing a brand under which Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealers could sell non-luxury cars, filling out what then becomes a full-line showroom.

There was a time when Pontiac had a hold on the market, but this was just another brand GM didn't put enough time and money into. Heavy, outdated body designs, gas guzzling engines, and an announcement to end production on the Firebird in 2002 did nothing to help the brand stay afloat in the car market.

Thanks to Marq A for the tip.

Plucked eyebrows, Burberry scarf, dyed hair, and new make-up. SE misses the angelic voice that went with an unkempt appearance

Susan's decision or a media company's direction?


All performers are deaf, making this video that much more amazing.


Green Day has a new video. SE (always) approves of Green Day.

Muscle Model Madness.

Justin Timberlake Teaches Jimmy Kimmel how to Butt Butt Putt Putt.

Police use taser on naked wizard (NSFW).

Iowa's Clerk Recorders Encouraged to Excerise Right of Conscience.

Craigslist under fire; CEO says there's nothing sex-related on his site. Phssssha.

Have Greg Plitt 365 days a year.

POTUS: The first 100 days.

On the Today Show back in November of 2008, Beyonce performed If I Were a Boy using the track from her Album. All fine and dandy, really. What she didn't know was that her board feed was being recorded at the same time.

Recently, Howard Stern, released that board feed nationally, showing Beyonce shrieking her way through the song. The recording spread like wildfire, with many accusing Beyonce of being an awful live singer who hides behing pre-recorded tracks. Her father, and manager, was quick to prove that recording was doctored to make Beyonce sound much worse than she actually was.

Poor thing. We still love you, girl! Now go breed some more Single Ladies.

Angie Zapata's older brother reads the family statement regarding the conviction of her killer. It was, to say the least, a tough read:

Ellen got a chance to talk with Sirdeaner Walker, the mother of 11 year-old Carl who took his life over two weeks ago after enduring constant anti-gay bullying at school. Ellen sums this up nicely with "They say words will never hurt me... but words... they kill".

Westboro Baptist Church has written and published one of their typical hate-filled blog-posts that have myself, and plenty others, wondering if the pyscho-clan is planning a massive suicide. Here is a little excerpt from the post on their website:
We are particularly urgent about it, because the time is shortly to come when we will grant you your wicked wish, Doomed america! Your smart-assed pundits and foul-mouthed politicians have for years told us to pack up and leave if we don’t like this filthy little cancerous boil on the butt of the earth. You all think you’re so clever that you can come up with such cutesy little quips. You’re collectively so Bible dumb that you don’t know what you’re saying. So let me help you out.

Look at the examples in scriptures when a nation – or world – of Godless rebels cry out at God’s patient Saints to get the hell out! Noah got on the ark and God shut the door – then the entire population of the world was wiped out. YAY!

Lot tried to get his sons-in-law to listen and leave Sodom with him – but they liked their country and told him he was crazy. He left. They were toast! YAY!

Before God wholly wiped out the greatest army in history, he had to get his people to “come out with great substance. (Genesis 15:14) YAY!

We gotta go, peeps! We gotta go! And when we do, it’s time for this filthy nation to receive of all the plagues that your Creator has promised. The reason there is such urgency in those words … such passion in the irresistible call from our Saviour, Husband, and Friend … is because when that time comes for this rebellious nation – which is spiritually called Babylon and has become literally Babylon by the inexplicable and forcible snatching of that Mesopotamian land where ancient Babylon sat – it is going to be very fast and very violent, such that all mankind is utterly and simply amazed.

Usually when crazy religious groups start talking like this, something major is about to happen. I know many of us may be thinking the world would be a much better place without them. But, let us not forget these nuts have brainwashed young children. And when the adults go, so will the children.

What method do you use to cure a hangover!? Me? It's a strong cup of coffee and hot, steamy shower!

The House Judiciary Committee today passed the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (also known as the Matthew Shepard Act) by a vote of 15-12. A vote on the house floor could occur as soon as next week.

Rea Carey, Executive Director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, released a statement which read, in part:
Laws ultimately reflect a nation’s values, and this legislation, once passed, will send a strong message that America rejects all forms of hate violence, including bias-motivated crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. This committee vote marks the beginning of the end of a long-fought battle. We are pleased that President Obama has expressed support for this critical legislation by announcing he will sign the bill when it comes to his desk. We hope the administration will play a role in assisting with the measure’s passage in both the House and Senate.
Here is a fancy link to Judy Shephard's video regarding the act.

Via Towleroad

A Colorado jury has found Allen Andrade guilty of first-degree murder of trans-woman Angie Zapata. After learning of her birth gender, Andrade beat Zapata with a fire extinguisher, twice, resulting in her death. Andrade's pathetic lawyers attempted a "trans panic" defense, but prosecuters were able to prove that Andrade knew of Zapata's birth gender almost 36-hours before her death.
After two hours of deliberation, a Weld District Court jury found Allen Andrade guilty of the first-degree murder of Angie Zapata, guilty of a hate crime and guilty of car and identity theft.

Andrade, 32, of Thornton was on trial for the beating death of Zapata, 18, last summer. The pair met through a social networking Web site, and planned a meeting days later. Andrade came to Greeley and stayed with Zapata for two days, ending with Zapata's death.
A fine win for the LGBT community. Something tells us, however, things would be different if poor Angie would have lived through such a terrible beating.

Why would a medical student, engaged to be married, start robbing and killing hookers? The going theory is gambling debt. The suspect's media handle is now "The Craigslist Sex Gambling Death Killer." Really?

It's not the Yahoo! platform we love, but the potty mouth of Carol Bartz on her first quarter earnings call. When our office heard this, we all said "oh, good. CEO's really are people." Listen as Carol answers some tiresome and aggravating question regarding Yahoo's recent layoffs.
We had a lot of people telling engineers what to do but nobody fucking doing anything. [pause] Excuse me. I knew that would slip out one of these times.
Afer hearing this, we didn't feel nearly as bad about cussing out our tech crew for allowing the domain to get nabbed up. Those bitches do nothing but sit around and eat potato chips, anyway.

I’d be happy to go and deny it, because I’m not. But by denying it, I’m saying there is something shameful about it, and there isn’t anything shameful. The questions about sexuality I find more here in America than anywhere else, because it’s a big hang-up and defines what people think about themselves and others. It’s not a big issue in Australia.

-Hugh Jackman when asked if he was gay

Jackman had his hand and footprints immortalized this week at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

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Some deranged fan of Adam Lambert has posted this video on YouTube, apparently while drunk, claiming the American Idol contestant isn't gay. She wants everybody to stop calling him a homo because (i) there's photoshopped pictures of him kissing men floating around; (ii) he wears make-up; and (iii) he's Christian... and Christians aren't gay. We're having a hell of a time taking any of this seriously.

She's asking for comments, so give them to her:

Since when did Perez Hilton become a political speaking figure or marriage equality brand? Don't get us wrong, it's great having one of the world's most popular bloggers on our side and speaking for us, but when it comes to debate, Perez certainly is not in his element. Having said that, he did somewhat alright when debating marriage equality with Prager on Larry King Live:

The Edge Boston is reporting that authorities have intervened at the home of the "ex-gay" YouTuber, ChristianU2uber, and the 12-year old has agreed to delete his YouTube account after suffering hundereds of vicious and hateful comments from people who have seen the video.

It was asked in our post about this young man, where are the parents on this issue? After Carl Walker-Hoover and Jaheem, it's a refreshing change to see authority figures stepping in and offering help to the younger generation. All to many times we've ignored the warning signs that can prevent tragedy.

From The Edge:
Moreover, when another boy of similar age pirated and then parodied one of Christianu2uber’s videos, the response that Christianu2uber sent was one that, in this post-Columbine age, cannot be ignored or shrugged off: as one report had it, Christianu2uber wrote to the other boy with a threat that he would "go to his house and slit his throat."

Various right-wing religious sites have used the story of Christianu2uber’s video postings drawing harsh commentary, some of which seems, from the sheer extremity of its aggression, to be treating the videos with some form of rough jocularity; at least one viewer invited Christianu2uber to shoot himself in the head on camera.

While right-wing religious sites such as WorldNetDaily have used the story as grist for the "liberals versus Christians" mill, other Internet resources such as GLBT sites JoeMygod and Pam’s House Blend and, most notably, Focus have sought the intervention of the authorities, with some individuals attempting to contact site administrators to express concern and to encourage them to take down offensive material.
Read the rest, after the JUMP.

... is being heard right now. Go here to watch live.

Condoms are like sports equipment. They protect. They cover. And they smell funny. They're also the sexiest.

Aussie Speedo Guy (NSFW) recently posted a blog regarding safe sex, citing that his position on sex is this: safe sex, or no sex. We agree... and this is something we would like to share our feelings on.

First off, let us mention our view on unprotected sex: it's on the rise. There are countless porn production companies producing condom-less videos, the PEP pill, bone marrow transplants, drugs, and under-age models acting in xxx films that are all contributing to the "unsafe sex is safer now than it used to be" mentality.

This, no doubt, is concerning.

There have been times when men taken home have asked the question "Condom... yes or no?" Which, in translation, means "I'll use a condom if you want me to. But I've had unprotected sex before". Those sexual experiences either ceased immediately or have been, to say the least, the most lack-luster of all time. Simply because of that constant "what disease is this person carrying" thoughts racing through the brain during the whole event.

Not fun -- and somewhat scary.

Safe sex isn't a game. It's a sport. It requires a team of people going for the same goal: winning, coming out on top (no offense to fellow bottoms), and showing that you're the best at what you do. Unprotected sex, however, is a game... and if you play it long enough, there's no doubt you'll be sulking in the corner in last place.

There is something damn sexy about watching a guy roll a condom down his dick. Like a football player putting on his gear before the game or a wrestler lacing up his Asics before he hits the mat. It comes from a sports fetish: it's the gear needed to play the game... and the anticipation that comes with a guy putting on a condom will drive one crazy... simply because you know what's coming up next. A guy rolling on a condom is the wavering checkered flag telling one to prepare for a drive that's hard and fast... where, no doubt, the end will feel like a million race cars blasting through the finish line all at once.

And this, our readers, is why a condom is the sexiest piece of sports equipment you'll ever own.

Earth Day, which is April 22 (that's today, bitches!), will mark the beginning of The Green Generation Campaign which will also be the focus of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day in 2010. With negotiations for a new global climate agreement coming up in December, Earth Day 2009 must be a day of action and civic participation, to defend The Green Generation’s core principles:
  • A carbon-free future based on renewable energy that will end our common dependency on fossil fuels, including coal.
  • An individual’s commitment to responsible, sustainable consumption.
  • Creation of a new green economy that lifts people out of poverty by creating millions of quality green jobs and transforms the global education system into a green one.
While the world is busy walking and biking around on Earth Day, take some ownership of your own and pledge your own personal Earth Day action here.

Our janitors will most likely be issuing a heath-code violation for all the goosh stains they're going to have to scrape out of the carpet after todays blogging.

Why? Because bloggers keep posting beautiful, rough-trade, tattooed, testosterone-loaded crap like this:

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SwishEmbassy has always been a proud supporter of those with money (usually, because we never have any) but in instances like this, we sort of wish them nothing but a rich little life filled with awful, evil things. We're still happy for her, though.

At one of our properties, we had a Resident stop in to break her lease early. We always ask why and, usually, it's because they lost their job. Or, because they're moving out of state. Or, because they hate us. Either way, this bitch deserves to see the back of my hand flying right towards her face:

She explained to us that the company her husband works for - some financial/brokerage/real-estate dealy-bob thing - has sold... for 1.4 Billion dollars. The owner is retiring, and so are every one of his employees. Because when he broke the news to all FOUR of them today, he also handed each one a check... for 2 Million dollars.

On top of that, the ex-owner of the financial/brokerage/real-estate dealy-bob thing, has hired her husband as his on-call pilot, to fly him and snot-faced family wherever they want, whenever they want. And he's paying him $68,000 a year just to do that. All flights include lodging (the one coming up includes a stay at the Ritz Carlton in New York... for two weeks), food, and whatever else her soon-to-be-spoiled-rotten-brat of a husband wants.

We're not bitter.


And America... here we have another fine example of people making the biggest deal out of the stupidest shit. The Washingtonian decided to decorate the cover of their magazine this month with a shirtless, photoshopped picture of Obama. The photo, which was taken last December, was widley circulated while the family was on vacation in Hawaii.

ABC News' Karen Travers and Jake Tapper wondered last night whether a nation "in the throes of an economic crisis and two wars... wants more headlines about a 'Pec-tacular' 'Buff Bam'." The FishbowlNY asks, "Are we the only ones worrying this is sort of inappropriate?"

Yes, FishbowlNY, you are... and the SE Editors agree: there's nothing wrong with running a shirtless picture of our President. It sure as hell is better than seeing Dubya's nipps. And nobody should really care either... except for the fact that the United States has a potentially sexy President. What we are most curious about was why the Washingtonian chose to cover something over four months old, rather than focusing on news that people actually care about.

So there.