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And America... here we have another fine example of people making the biggest deal out of the stupidest shit. The Washingtonian decided to decorate the cover of their magazine this month with a shirtless, photoshopped picture of Obama. The photo, which was taken last December, was widley circulated while the family was on vacation in Hawaii.

ABC News' Karen Travers and Jake Tapper wondered last night whether a nation "in the throes of an economic crisis and two wars... wants more headlines about a 'Pec-tacular' 'Buff Bam'." The FishbowlNY asks, "Are we the only ones worrying this is sort of inappropriate?"

Yes, FishbowlNY, you are... and the SE Editors agree: there's nothing wrong with running a shirtless picture of our President. It sure as hell is better than seeing Dubya's nipps. And nobody should really care either... except for the fact that the United States has a potentially sexy President. What we are most curious about was why the Washingtonian chose to cover something over four months old, rather than focusing on news that people actually care about.

So there.


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