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Condoms are like sports equipment. They protect. They cover. And they smell funny. They're also the sexiest.

Aussie Speedo Guy (NSFW) recently posted a blog regarding safe sex, citing that his position on sex is this: safe sex, or no sex. We agree... and this is something we would like to share our feelings on.

First off, let us mention our view on unprotected sex: it's on the rise. There are countless porn production companies producing condom-less videos, the PEP pill, bone marrow transplants, drugs, and under-age models acting in xxx films that are all contributing to the "unsafe sex is safer now than it used to be" mentality.

This, no doubt, is concerning.

There have been times when men taken home have asked the question "Condom... yes or no?" Which, in translation, means "I'll use a condom if you want me to. But I've had unprotected sex before". Those sexual experiences either ceased immediately or have been, to say the least, the most lack-luster of all time. Simply because of that constant "what disease is this person carrying" thoughts racing through the brain during the whole event.

Not fun -- and somewhat scary.

Safe sex isn't a game. It's a sport. It requires a team of people going for the same goal: winning, coming out on top (no offense to fellow bottoms), and showing that you're the best at what you do. Unprotected sex, however, is a game... and if you play it long enough, there's no doubt you'll be sulking in the corner in last place.

There is something damn sexy about watching a guy roll a condom down his dick. Like a football player putting on his gear before the game or a wrestler lacing up his Asics before he hits the mat. It comes from a sports fetish: it's the gear needed to play the game... and the anticipation that comes with a guy putting on a condom will drive one crazy... simply because you know what's coming up next. A guy rolling on a condom is the wavering checkered flag telling one to prepare for a drive that's hard and fast... where, no doubt, the end will feel like a million race cars blasting through the finish line all at once.

And this, our readers, is why a condom is the sexiest piece of sports equipment you'll ever own.


At April 22, 2009 at 6:54 PM said...

Great post and I am right behind ya!
(Wearing a condom of

Seriously though....what has happened to our community where so many are pretending AIDS does not exist?


At April 23, 2009 at 7:48 PM Anonymous said...

I don't know how the other guys feels when I put on a condom, I usually make them do it. But I find the majority don't know how to put one on and make it sensual at the same time.


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