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Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead tells the Star-Telegram that police officers did not target the Rainbow Lounge, a gay nightclub, because of the sexuality of its customers or the date (the 40th anniversary of Stonewall), calling it a "routine bar inspection." Uhm... bullshit.

The Star Telegraph is reporting:
Some customers made 'sexually explicit motions,' according to a police statement, and one grabbed an officer’s crotch. A police spokesman later identified that person as Gibson. 'My brother would not do that,' [Kristy] Morgan said. Gibson, a high-tech worker who is about 5-feet-8 and weighs about 150 pounds, was at the club with friends, including a designated driver, she said. 'He’s not a big drinker, a big partyer,' she said. The police statement said one patron was so drunk he was vomiting. Morgan said her brother threw up because of his head injury. She also questioned police efforts to summon medical help. The time on Gibson’s ticket for public intoxication is 2:10 a.m. An ambulance wasn’t called until 2:25 a.m. Club Manager Randy Norman said Gibson didn’t seem drunk and was walking from the men’s room, holding a bottle of water, when an officer pushed him against a wall and then pushed him to the ground. Some patrons said they heard Gibson ask the officer a question, but that he didn’t fight back. At least three officers were involved in handcuffing him.

Police Statement, identifying the officers involved:
On Sunday morning, June 28, 2009, at 12:30 a.m., six (6) Fort Worth Police Officers, two (2) TABC agents and a Fort Worth supervisor conducted inspections at 160 W Rosedale (Rosedale Saloon and Cowboy Palace). This inspection resulted in nine (9) arrests. Once the inspection was completed at these locations, officers proceeded to the Rainbow Lounge.

Officers arrived at the Rainbow Lounge to conduct the scheduled inspection. The Fort Worth Police Officers who participated in this bar check included the following: Officer K. Gober, #3656, Officer J. Ricks, #3484, Officer M. Marquez, #3655, Officer J. Jenson, #3731, Officer J. Back, #3863, Officer J. Moss, #3722 and Sergeant Morris.

Fort Worth Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead would like to emphasize that any and all allegations of misconduct against any Fort Worth Police Officer will be investigated thoroughly. Any person present during the bar check conducted at the Rainbow Lounge that observed any misconduct of a Fort Worth Police Officer is encouraged to contact the Internal Affairs Division at 817-392-4270 in order to set up an interview.

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The Asshat Award has officially been awarded to Republican (of course) Rep. Sally Kern for... get this... trying to blame the recession on the gays! Bah aha ha hahah aha! BAAAAH AHA HAHAHAAHAHA. HA!:

WHEREAS, we believe our economic woes are consequences of our greater national moral crisis; and

WHEREAS, this nation has become a world leader in promoting abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse, and many other forms of debauchery; and

WHEREAS, alarmed that the Government of the United States of America is forsaking the rich Christian heritage upon which this nation was built; and

WHEREAS, grieved that the Office of the president of these United States has refused to uphold the long held tradition of past presidents in giving recognition to our National Day of Prayer; and

WHEREAS, deeply disturbed that the Office of the president of these United States disregards the biblical admonitions to live clean and pure lives by proclaiming an entire month to an immoral behavior;
Shakesville says it right:
You get the idea. Wall Street had nothing to do with it; the crappy economy that started to tank under President Bush is really the fault of President Obama because God can see into the future and knew that he would be elected and that Iowa, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut would allow same-sex marriage. He timed the sub-prime mortgage crisis just in time as punishment for Pride Month. Got it.
Anyone agree, except for you Sally?

Meghan McCain, seeing the LGBT community in uproar over the delay on repealing DOMA and DADT, released the following statement, citing she speaks for the GOP on gay issues:
The reason why I became so vocal about it is because it is so important to me and I didn’t see any politicians, even President Obama, doing anything. At this point, I don’t care what leader, what party, comes out and supports marriage equality, as long as somebody starts doing it. I hope that will be President Obama, I hope that will be my father, I hope it will be lots of people. I think it’s the type of thing that’s really coming to a fever pitch. People are really angry. People really want response. I hope President Obama can do that.
Meghan has certainly put herself first in they eyes of the gay community when it comes to the GOP. What's your opinion on Meghan?

I just want everyone to know that.

Six days and 12,500 Lego pieces later, Craig Stevens proudly shows off his homage to the crack queen at a South London shopping mall. Although it looks a little more like a younger Elivra to me... your thoughts?

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For this group of teenage thugs, I'm sure it was easy for them to harass one single gay man walking down the street alone. Pussies... that's all they are. The parents of these Somalian kids who, I'm sure, went through the same kind of ridiculous, racist hate themselves, should teach their kids todo and know better. Said the YouTube user who uploaded this video:
My friend and I were leaving the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis, MN (6/27/09) and came across a group of Somalian kids who asked my friend if he was gay. When he answered 'yes', they proceeded to harass him and me with verbal threats and even throwing rocks at my friend at one point. Sad..
The best part of this video is the two police officers who walk right through the middle of the stoning and verbal assault and do nothing:

**Update** JMG has posted this press release by the Minneapolis PD, stating the officers in the video isn't one of theirs:
June 30, 2009 ( MINNEAPOLIS ) Currently, there is a video on YouTube of an incident that occurred sometime during the Minneapolis Gay Pride Festival. There has been some speculation that Minneapolis Police Officers were in that video. The Minneapolis Police Department wants to assure the public that those security officers who casually walk by during this incident were not from our department. We have a strict uniform policy and those were not our uniforms or our police officers. This is unacceptable behavior that would not be tolerated by the Minneapolis Police. Action would have been taken immediately to stop the harassment that is depicted in the video. We want all people, no matter of color, race, creed or sexual orientation to feel safe and welcome while they are in the city of Minneapolis. Link to video. PIO contact for this incident is Sgt Jesse Garcia III.
So if it's not one of the MPD, who is this man? A bank officer? It appears he's carrying a gun...

I know this poor guy just laughs it off and ignores them, but that's exactly what I would do. But deep down in my little brain, I'd be upset, confused, and totally heartbroken (just like I am now).

Via Towleroad / WGB

Defense Secretary, Robert Gibbs, today called the current DADT policy "very restrictive" and said the Pentagon is currently looking into ways of applying it more humanely.
The Pentagon boss said he discussed the issue last week with US President Barack Obama and that there also has been discussion among senior military and legal counsel about possible changes in how they apply the law, which he described as 'very restrictive.' The defense secretary said one possible modification might be consider the circumstances under which a service member is 'outed' in determining whether or not he or she must leave the military. Gates offered as an example 'when we're given information from someone with vengeance in mind or blackmail, somebody who has been jilted. 'If somebody is outed by a third party, does that force us to take action?' he said.
This is good progress. It's not what we want or what we deserve. But it's progress. Should the P Gon put some sort of "outed" policy into place, we'd see a massive drop in firings for sure.

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Fehrenbach took the opportunity to discuss his meeting with the President on the Rachel Maddow show. Allison Steward (that's right... from MTV News!) sat in for Rachel:

Patricia Mauceri, who plays Carlotta Vega on One Life to Live, was recently fired from the TV drama series because she absolutely refused for the show's writers to make her into a gay rights activist. The show cited Mauceri's refusal "objected to Carlotta's positive attitude about homosexuality, saying it conflicted with her personal beliefs."

Patricia has played the character since 1995. Her role will be replaced with Saundra Santiago.

It's delicious to see this actress lose her 14-year career with ABC based upon her bigoted views. As many of you may know, when an actress or actor signs a contract to be in a broadcasted television series or movie, they are required to leave their personal feelings at the door and truly embrace the character they are hired to play... just like any job.

As we all are breathing in the dense fog of Michael Jackson’s death, it is with deep sorrow that I post this blog with some of my favorite songs brought to me by the King of Pop. It was those classic highwater pants, white glittery socks, long curly hair, and killer dance moves that will always remain a solid memory in my mind. It is how I will always remember Michael. His sudden death is what is most hurtful for me and, I think, for many.'

By way of his death, I have listened to his music insanely closer and with more attention than ever. Knowing I will never hear anything like it again kills me. I know that 10,000 years from now, his music will still be used to convey a strong message, bring smiles to faces of thousands, and inspire the next best music artist.

The Family Speaks:

In one of the darkest moments of our lives we find it hard to find the words appropriate to this sudden tragedy we all had to encounter. Our beloved son, brother and father of three children has gone so unexpectedly, in such a tragic way and much too soon. It leaves us, his family, speechless and devastated to a point, where communication with the outside world seems almost impossible at times.

We miss Michael endlessly, our pain cannot be described in words. But Michael would not want us to give up now. So we want to thank all of his faithful supporters and loyal fans worldwide, you – who Michael loved so much. Please do not despair, because Michael will continue to live on in each and every one of you. Continue to spread his message, because that is what he would want you to do. Carry on, so his legacy will live forever.

In addition, Joseph Jackson wishes to personally convey: "My grandchildren are deeply moved by all the love and support you have shown for them and their father, Michael Jackson."

Joseph Jackson & Family

Janet Jackson Speaks:

My entire family wanted to be here tonight but it was just too painful so they elected me to speak with all of you, and I'm going to keep it short but I'd just like to say that, to you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family, and he will live forever in all of our hearts. On behalf of my family and myself, thank you for all of your love, thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth Taylor Speaks:

My heart ... my mind ... are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can't imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together. I was packing up my clothes to go to London for his opening when I heard the news. I still can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. It can't be so. He will live in my heart forever but it's not enough. My life feels so empty. I don't think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest most giving love I've ever known. Oh God! I'm going to miss him. I can't yet imagine life without him. But I guess with God's help ... I'll learn. I keep looking at the photo he gave me of himself, which says, 'To my true love Elizabeth, I love you forever.' And, I will love HIM forever.

Madonna Speaks:

I can't stop crying over the sad news. I have always admired Michael Jackson. The world has lost one of the greats, but his music will live on forever! My heart goes out to this three children and other members of his family. God bless.

Jay Brannon tributes with his sweet version of Man in the Mirror (serious chills came with this one):

And, WGB has posted this sweet wedding video of Thriller:

Where does WGB find these men!? Just look at that soft, black hair.

Via Wicked Gay Blog comes a story about a Christian mother learning to accept her gay son, and his father's absolute rejection of it:

Deon Davis, mother of "Ricky" Rashad David, has written a book about her gay son, which began as a simple journal she wrote in during her struggle to accept him. But soon after, she realized the love she had for her son was greater than any prejudice she had towards him. She has spent $1,300 to self-publish I'll Find a Way: A Mother's Journey of Love and Acceptance for Her Gay Son.

When Ricky came out to his mother, she blamed herself and was hoping it was a phase he would outgrow. After finding most of his friends were lesbians and other gay men, Deon decided to keep an open mind and get to know the lifestyle her son was destined to lead. His father, however, has been more than unsupportive:
At my graduation, he told me he'd give me $1,000 if I'd get a girl pregnant. He said he'd rather me go to prison for 20 years for drugs than be gay.
A thousand dollars to get a girl pregnant? Listen here, pops... that thousand dollars will cover about the first month of supporting a child. How about you save that money and support the child you gave birth to?

This reminds me of when I came out to my mother. After I told her I was gay, she immediately blamed herself saying she "spent entirely too much time with me". She begged me to not label myself as a homosexual and to please wait and "outgrow the phase". I think she's finally accepting the fact that it's not a phase. Just today she asked if I attended the gay pride weekend in Denver. After telling her yes, she asked "how was it". A huge step for my mother. It brought an indescribable smile to my face.

Read more about Ricky's story, after the JUMP.

We're completely sure of what's going on here, but is it totally inappropriate? It's been an awful month for the celebrity world... we've lost Farah, Michael, Ed, and Billy (not shown in the GIF below... for some odd reason). But is it really appropriate to remember Heath driving them down the road in a Jeep Wrangler while sipping on Starbucks Zoolander style? You decide:

Via Tabloid Prodigy

Back in 1991, when this episode aired, we can't imagine what was going through the minds of every 60 year-old watching this episode. We like to think this, nowadays, brings a smile and good laugh to each and every one of them (and you):

This is fucking fantastic. I'd do Steve-O for free after this:

Steve-O. Photo from NoH8Campaign.com69586957Steve-O's tattoo self-portrait also participated in the NoH8Campaign.

Windows 7 box art
Microsoft has unveiled the consumer prices for Windows 7. Here's the rundown of prices for a full version:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: $199.99
  • Windows 7 Professional: $299.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: $319.99
The prices are lower for users who are upgrading from Windows XP or Vista:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: $119.99
  • Windows 7 Professional: $199.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: $219.99
But wait, there's more. Starting tomorrow, US customers will be able to pre-order the operating system at much lower prices:
  • Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade pre-order: $49.99
  • Windows 7 Professional Upgrade pre-order: $99.99
Discounted Pre-order prices will also be available in Canada and Japan for the next few weeks. A pre-order program will launch in the UK, France, and Germany starting July 15th.

There will only be a limited number of pre-orders available. But here's the other bit of good news. If you buy a computer running Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate from a participating OEM or retailer between June 26th, 2009 and January 31st, 2010, you'll likely be able to upgrade to Windows 7 for little or no cost.

There's no information on how much Microsoft will be charging computer makers for Windows 7 licenses, but odds are if you were in the market for a new computer anyway, the cheapest way to get Windows 7 will be to simply buy a new computer. PC makers tend to get much better prices than the general public.

Via Sozo

So... it's my excuse for not blogging for almost 5 freakin' days! Sorry bout that, faithful readers. We're back strong (and sober) now, though! Pride was absolutely amazing this year. Never before had we seen so many straight couples with their kids at the festival, all decked out in rainbow gear. Thank you, our straight allies, for being there to support us!

Mile High Gay Guy (in the backwards cap and lookin' sexy as hell) captured a few great shots of pride, and his lucky ass got to meet Matthew Rush, as well!

And some videos and pics via OFC:

Nina, that fabulous bitch, performs at the 4.34 mark:

That's Perez Hilton... right there... in the middle.

Via Man Hunt Daily

Totally entertaining. And it sucks this would never, ahem... fly in the United States. Their new in-flight safety video features flight attendants and pilots wearing nothing but painted on uniforms... sure to get the attention of any passenger. It seems like the staff is "really behind" the project:

In the making:

Via Kenneth in the (212)

A compiling of recent FBI and local law enforcement data on violent crimes per capita reveals that Chicago has five of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation.

I'm glad to see Denver isn't on this list. I have walked home, alone, many times through Capital Hill, Congress Park, Uptown, and the surrounding areas without ever feeling scared or being in a dangerous situation. Honestly, the entire area South of Colfax stays pretty quiet after about 11 at night (which is surprising being how close to downtown it is). There was this one time, a long time ago, when I rode the light rail through Five Points at two in the morning. Now that shit was scary.

  1. Cincinnati, Ohio (Central Pky./Liberty St.)
  2. Chicago (State St./Garfield Blvd.)
  3. Miami, Fla. (7th Ave./North River Dr.)
  4. Jacksonville, Fla. (Beaver St./Broad St.)
  5. Baltimore (North Ave./Belair Rd.)
  6. Kansas City, Mo. (Bales Ave./30th St.)
  7. Memphis, Tenn. (Warford St./Mount Olive Rd.)
  8. Kansas City, Mo. (Forest Ave./41st St.)
  9. Dallas, Texas (Route 352/Scyene Rd.)
  10. Richmond, Va. (Church Hill)
  11. Memphis, Tenn. (Bellevue Blvd./Lamar Ave.)
  12. Dallas, Texas (2nd Ave./Hatcher St.)
  13. Springfield, Ill. (Cook St./11th St.)
  14. St. Louis (14th St./Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.)
  15. Little Rock, Ark. (Roosevelt Rd./Bond St.)
  16. Philadelphia (Broad St./Dauphin St.)
  17. Tampa, Fla. (Amelia Ave./Tampa St.)
  18. New York City (St. Nicholas Ave./125th St.)
  19. Chicago (66th St./Yale Ave.)
  20. Baltimore (Orleans St./Front St.)
  21. Cleveland (Cedar Ave./55th St.)
  22. Orlando, Fla. (East-West Expy/Orange Blossom Trl.)
  23. Detroit (Mount Elliott St./Palmer Ave.)
  24. Chicago (Wallace St./58th St.)
  25. Chicago (Winchester, Ave./60th St.)

We're going to agree with JMG and state that we really shouldn't have been bopping along in our blogging seats to this song... but we were (twice). We didn't even realize Aqua was still together:


Un-fucking real. And quite well timed: On the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in NYC, the Forth Worth Police Dept. stormed the Rainbow Lounge, citing "anonymous reports" and "upset ex-bartenders". Upset ex-bartenders, eh? The place has been open a week! Reports are showing the police used excessive force and arrested dozens of people for public intoxication.

One bar patron, who people say doesn't weigh more than sixty pounds soaking wet, suffered a skull fracture after police forced him to the ground for "resisting arrest".

An eyewitness account, here and here.

Elton John had Brandon Flowers and JT whispering sweet nothings in his ear all night at Elton's annual White Tie and Tiara AIDS Foundation Ball last week. We're hosting something similar... JT and Brandon... you're both invited. Oh, and Dominic Purcell, you are as well.

Bernie Madoff, the man who engineered an elaborate $65 Billion investment scheme, was sentenced today by a U.S. District Court to 150 years in the slammer. His scheme, after collapsing, ruined the lives and lost millions of dollars of money for thousands of Americans.

Is it even worth dishing out a sentence like that to a 71 year-old? But then again, he got the maximum sentence possible under US Law. The sentencing judge, Denny Chin, called the criminal activity of Madoff, in the literal sense of the words, "off the charts", being that federal sentencing guidelines for fraud cease at $400 Million (his were determined to be anywhere between $10 & $12 Billion).

In pronouncing the sentence ... Judge Denny Chin turned aside Mr. Madoff’s own assertions of remorse and rejected the suggestion from Mr. Madoff’s lawyers that there was a sense of “mob vengeance” surrounding calls for a long prison term. 'Objectively speaking, the fraud here was staggering,' the judge said. 'It spanned more than 20 years.' After victims told a packed courtroom that he should be shown no mercy in the case, Mr. Madoff stood up from the defense table to acknowledge the damage he had inflicted and expressed regret. 'I’m responsible for a great deal of suffering and pain, I understand that,' Mr. Madoff told the court. 'I live in a tormented state now, knowing all of the pain and suffering that I’ve created. I’ve left a legacy of shame, as some of my victims have pointed out, to my family and my grandchildren.' Addressing his victims seated in the courtroom, he said: 'I will turn and face you. I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t help you.
During the sentencing, Chin ordered the immediate forfeiture of $170 Billion in assets, including a $7 million Manhattan apartment where his wife, Ruth Madoff, still lives. An $11 million estate in Palm Beach, FL, a $4 million home in Montauk and a $2.2 million boat, leaving Ruth with $2.5 Million in the bank.

Bernie first admitted to his two sons, who run a legitimate investment firm, that the billions of dollars his family had in the bank got there because of "just one big lie". His sons reported him to authorities.

His poor wife has been forced to endure the wrath of the public and Madoff's clients, citing she is constantly screamed at and shamed. Ruth, unaware of the Ponzi scheme, stated she too felt betrayed and confused of the man she thought she knew.

Click it... and then click it again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again again and again and again and again... and again.

President Obama hosted 250-300 LGBT leaders in the East Room of the White House today, billed as a celebration marking the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion and Pride month. Obama acknowledged gay rights pioneer Frank Kameny, to whom the government recently apologized for firing in 1957, because he was gay. Said Obama:
I know that many in this room don't believe that progress has come fast enough, and I understand that. It's not for me to tell you to be patient, any more than it was for others to counsel patience to African Americans who were petitioning for equal rights a half century ago. But I say this: We have made progress and we will make more. And I want you to know that I expect and hope to be judged not by words, not by promises I've made, but by the promises that my administration keeps.
Here, Obama and his wife are not entertained when, during the middle of his speech, some homo's cell phone starting quacking like a duck:

Via Towleroad

We all knew there was one. Now, Hello Kitty has created it for us:

It's like pizza-box transformer. Too cool! Pizza Hut, we're sorry, we mean THE HUT and Domino's... you guys suck.

Put crack head Gwendolyn and her birthday-cake-eating puppy in charge of all of your daughter's birthday festivities:


What is a hole that big doing in the middle of a sidewalk anyway!?


You see, this is a blessing in disguise. It's a good thing the firework got stuck up this dumbshit's ass... because now he can't procreate:

Via Tabloid Prodigy

We're challenging all of you, our fabulous readers, to find a picture of ANY first lady that blows this one out of the water:

Broadway Bares pulled in over $800,000 on it's opening weekend and is still going strong. Seriously. Who wouldn't pay to see a giant Broadway stage full of almost naked people? Susan Blackwell is the luckiest bitch on earth: