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Channing Tatum and Charlyne Yi spoof the 1987 classic Dirty Dancing in a five-minute MSN Cinemash. Watch it:

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YUM. He's got a tight, hot little bod. I've always had a wittle crush on Mika. Check out the Flop Shot at about the :34 mark.

Christian Bale is officially Dicky Eklund. He has lost massive amounts of weight for the role he will play along side Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter.
It’s a true story of two incredibly gifted boxers who were half brothers. The one, Dicky Ecklund, who fought Sugar Ray Leonard at a very young age, when he was twenty one, was an incredible natural talent. He lived a very hard life. Then he came to train his brother, Irish Mickey Ward, to the world title.
Click the picture to embiggen.

The uber beautiful Dayana Mendoza has spoken out for marriage equality on the Howard Stern radio show.
Howard Stern took a cue from Perez Hilton and asked Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza if she would support the legalization of gay marriage. Mendoza danced around the issue a bit at first, stating that Carrie Prejean had the right to think whatever she wanted and “why should I care” what the second-runner up to the Miss USA crown thinks. When pressed further, Dayana Mendoza stated that she had several close gay friends in her life that she would like to see be able to spend the rest of their lives with the people that they loved. Howard Stern cornered her on what has apparently become the most compelling pageant question of our generation: “Should gay marriage be legal?” “Why not?” responded Dayana Mendoza. Dayana Mendoza joked that if her stance on gay marriage conflicted with her Miss Universe title, she only has about a month in her reign anyway. “Bravo!” called out Howard Stern Show openly gay guest announcer George Takei.
Just like the Miss California USA pageant, Miss Universe is owned by Donald Trump, as well.

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I'm not sure if Roseanne realizes there's no getting lower than the Z-list. I mean, unless there's a Z.z list that I don't know about. This is awful. I miss the days when Roseanne was just a pre-lottery-winning-white-trash celebrity. There's a difference between being loud, obnoxious trailer park trash and totally distasteful. Ugh:
As the 'Domestic Goddess' dons the famous moustache, transforming into 'Domestic Goddess Hitler,' I notice that she’s beginning to have fun. She nails the Fuehrer’s facial expressions with twisted glee, and as she takes the burnt gingerbread 'Jew Cookies' out of the oven it occurs to me that Barr may be the last celebrity utterly incapable of giving a fuck—a quality theoretically easy to embody until it’s time to face the practical repercussions...As we wrap up the shoot, Barr puts her Swastika armband, one of the gingerbread victims and a Polaroid of herself in the costume in a Ziploc bag, making it look like evidence from some bizarre crime scene. She plans on bringing it to her 13-year-old son when she picks him up from school. 'Maybe this will make my kid like me,' she says with a sigh.



Video footage has recently surfaced, showing the arrest of two gay men who kissed near the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. The video does not show the kiss, but does show a bunch of suits questioning Matt Aune & Derek Jones before handcuffing them.

The recent case against them, has been dropped.

... first gay kiss. Yay!

In June of this year, Marvel released X-Factor #45, written by scribe Peter David and featuring two longtime X-Men characters, Rictor and Shatterstar in their first “onscreen” kiss.

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But not really. The Republicans must be running out of mildly crazy ideas, because they've proposed a fancy, new conspiracy theory: heath care reform is just a secret plot to send old people to an early grave. They're also comparing Obama to Hitler. Lovely Rachel covers it wonderfully:

Uhm... how do you discover that you can even do this?


Don't worry... it's not supposed to make sense. And neither will this:

This blows me away. Fashion from balloons!

An openly gay decorated Iraq veteran is on the cover of the current issue of the official British army title, Soldier Magazine, the first such appearance for a gay man.
JUST ten years ago it was illegal to be gay in the UK Armed Forces. But since 2000, following a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, homosexual men and woman have been able to proudly serve – without hiding their sexuality. In an interview with Soldier, Tpr James Wharton (The Household Cavalry Regiment) explained that instead of being oppressed, gay and lesbian Army personnel are now given full support. “I came out to the Army before I told my parents, so that says a lot for the Armed Forces,” said the 22-year-old. I told the Army in March 2003, after all my initial training was over – I was 18. I have always known I was gay but it wasn’t until then that I told anyone.” The decision to lift the ban on gays in the Army came after two landmark cases heard at the European Court of Human Rights, which found that the MoD’s policy was not sustainable. espite the change, the other half of the UK’s “special relationship” – the United States – has not relaxed its attitude towards homosexuals in the Forces. “I still can’t get my head round the US’ ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy,” said Tpr Wharton, who has served Queen and country for six years.
The same issue also features an interview with a lesbian couple who are both Army captains.


Indiana: Pastor Bernard Squires indicted for distributing child pornography.
New York: Pastor Samuel Solanky charged with defrauding investors of over $2M. Some of those Solanky ripped off knew him from his TV ministry.
California: Father Denis Lyons charged with four felony counts of lewd conduct with a minor under the age of 14. Lyons was charged with similar crimes several years ago but the charges were dismissed due to the statute of limitations. This pedophile priest has cost his diocese more than $4M in civil settlements since 2001.
Florida: Pastor Rodney McGill and his wife face 170 years in prison after being convicted of mortgage fraud. McGill used his radio ministry to invite listeners to enter a drawing to "win" his advice on real estate investment. He and his wife then stole over $1M from banks by using his followers as straw buyers for properties that the McGills already owned.
Alabama: Pastor Timothy Tillman charged with the 2005 murder of his wife and forging checks in her name.
Arkansas: Televangelist Tony Alamo found guilty on ten counts of child molestation, rape, and sexual assault.


Boy Culture snapped some photos of a MAJOR hottie on the street this morning. And goooooood LAWD:


Bradley Larsen, 41, of Ft. Worth, TX, and bartender at the Rainbow Lounge, has died in a terrible car accident. As you know, the Rainbow Lounge is the site of the infamous raid that sent one man to the hosipal for brain injuries and sparked a massive investigation into the Ft. Worth Police Dept.

I'm sad to report that Bradley died as a result of speeding in upwards of 100MPH on I30 and rear-ending a truck. A speeds like that, metal just becomes too pliable for seat belts to save lives. It is not known if alcohol was involved or not.

Not a good month for the Rainbow Lounge. Our condolences to Bradley's friends and family.

GLAAD has issued failing grades for CBS, NBC, A&E, Sci Fi, and TBS for lacking in quality and quantity when it comes to GLBT characters on their stations:
Four nets were rated 'good,' led by HBO with 42% representation of LGBT characters, a 16% increase from last year. Virtually all non-sports original HBO series included LGBT content, with shows such as "True Blood" and 'The No. 1 Lades Detective Agency' lauded for featuring 'complex and authentic LGBT characters from diverse backgrounds.' Also singled out in the report is ABC's drama 'Brothers & Sisters,' which features three regular gay characters, as well as the network's 'Grey's Anatomy,' which has a bisexual woman among the leads. Overall, 'GLAAD analysts found that ABC consistently offers the most fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the five broadcast networks,' the survey said. The CW is once again No. 2 among the broadcasters mostly thanks to 'America's Next Top Model' whose seventh cycle featured transgender and bisexual contestants. Fox made a big improvement, increasing its LGBT representation from 4% to 11% and improving its grade from 'failing' to 'adequate,' mostly because of bisexual characters on 'House' and 'Bones.'" The network's upcoming dramedy 'Glee,' which premiered in May, 'shows excellent promise' with its gay characters, the study said. But GLAAD also noted that Fox's tally includes some 'problematic LGBT content,' including what it qualifies as a 'homophobic critique' on 'So You Think You Can Dance' by judge Nigel Lythgow and an 'offensive' gay-themed episode of 'Family Guy.
The full report... is HERE (PDF).

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Marc Jacobs has released two new t-shirts fighting for gay rights. There are only 200 of each, and they sell for $24 at the Marc Jacobs Accessory Store on Bleeker St in New York... ONLY.

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Colorado Democrat and the first openly gay non-incumbent elected to Congress, Jared Polis, took his place Friday on the U.S. Air Force Academy's supervisory board.
Polis opposes the military's ban on gay and lesbian servicemembers and has twice proposed, then withdrawn, amendments to undo 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policies. Polis' appointment, made by Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has veterans on both sides of the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' debate wondering if it's a signal change is coming. 'We're all reading the tea leaves here,' said Tricia Heller, a Class of '87 Air Force Academy graduate who flew C-9 jets for the Air Force before the leaving the service four years ago and coming out.
Polis said he would stress tolerance, but not bring up changing the gay ban. He is also hopeful all Air Force cadets are comfortable.

Here's the HD Trailer for Tron Legacy, coming in Disney 3D in 2010. Starring Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wild, Bruce Boxleitner. Directed by Joseph Kosinski. Looks pretty cool!

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But not really! Ok, well kind of. Here she is faking a viral meltdown to promote her Roast on Comedy Central airing August 9th. It should be good.

"You shut up, too... ya big DIKE." Ha!

Washington's Domestic Partner Law (the "Everything but Marriage" law), was scheduled to go into effect Sunday, but was blocked by anti-gay activists who turned in enough signatures (many of which may not be valid) to add Referendum to the ballot. Now, homosexuals may have to wait another month before they find out about where their domestic partnerships stand:
Once the secretary of state's office receives the signatures Saturday, they will go into a vault. The process of counting and verifying them begins next week, and verification could go until the last week of August, said Brian Zylstra, a spokesman for the secretary of state's office.

If they don't have enough signatures, the domestic partnership expansion will immediately take effect. If the measure does qualify, voters will be asked to either approve or reject the new law.

Josh Friedes, a spokesman for Washington Families Standing Together, said that if the referendum does end up on the ballot, he is optimistic that voters will retain the law.

Driving Equality Blog has posted proof of men and women tricking citizens into signing the petition:

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Big surprise? Mmmm... not really:

My friend Vanessa is hilarious. She's like this... little comedian. Tonight, she went to see Bradley Cooper in The Hangover and said the funniest thing to me over text:
Now I wanna fuck Bradley Cooper ever more than I already did! Oooh! I wanna motor boat the fuck outta his fuzzy chest!
I love my Nessa.

Alright, I've held off as long as I can. I had to totally POSE off WGB and start my own adult-only blog.

Check out Wesley'sMen and let me know what you think! It has some posts from my personal porn arsenal and some videos from around the web. Hope you like and follow, follow, follow (if that's your sort of thing).


Colorado Springs hosted it's best pride ever, with support, for the first time in history, from the city's Vice Mayor, Larry Smalls:


With over 2M views, and counting, they definitely did something right! AWESOME:

Now that I have your attention, please spend 44 seconds watching this awesome video of a Dalmatian peddling on a bicycle!

The Senate has approved their final version of the Defense of Appropriations Bill, to which the Matthew Shepard Act is attached. Now, we wait through the August recess for the House and Senate to hammer out the differences between their two versions.

Cross your fingers, bitches!


Here we go again. Nick DeBenedetoo, 48, of Tinton Falls, NJ is suing Denny's, claiming they failed to warn him about the extreme amount of salt in their meat lover's skillet. He is shocked, SHOCKED, ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED, that the skillet, which has two eggs, diced ham, bacon, sausage, hasbrowns, cheddar cheese, and two pancakes has almost 5,700 milligrams of sodium. And now, because his blood pressure has sky-rocketed, he's looking to blame someone else for his shitty eating choices.

This asshat obviously has no brain. I mean, how can someone actually be pissed about not being warned about the high levels of salt in NATURALLY SALTY MEATS?



According to the Pew Global Attitudes Project, the world's opinion of the United States has improved since Obama took office.
The image of the United States has improved markedly in most parts of the world, reflecting global confidence in Barack Obama. In many countries opinions of the United States are now about as positive as they were at the beginning of the decade before George W. Bush took office.
Israel is the only country who's opinion has declined over the year.


Weisman, one of the first physicians to detect AIDS, has died at the age of 66 due to complications from heart disease. The discovery came after Weisman referred two of three seriously ill gay patients to UCLA immunologist Martin Gottlieb, as they were all showing the same immune deficiency symptoms. Weisman and Gottlieb wrote a report that appeared in the June 5, 1981, issue of the Centers for Disease Control's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. That report signaled the official start of the epidemic that the federal agency later named acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
Battling the epidemic on the front lines "made me look at issues of death and dying in a very different way," Weisman said in 1988. "What makes somebody a good physician in this situation? Is it just winning? Keeping people alive? If I looked at every death as a defeat, I would not be able to continue."

In 1997, he stepped away from the battle, ironically just as new drug cocktails were extending the lives of AIDS patients. In 2000, he moved to New York, where he ran a bed-and-breakfast with Hutton, but he returned to Southern California about five years ago. He was an active ambassador for AIDS Project Los Angeles until illness overtook him this year.
Weisman is survived by a brother, Mark; a daughter, Stacey Weisman-Bogue Foster; a granddaughter; and two nieces.

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I just loathe homophobia. It's just disgusting and animal and stupid and it's just thick people who can't get their heads around it and are just scared. I grew up around gay people entirely. I was the only child in my class who had any experience of homosexuality or anything like that.
- Daniel Radcliffe in Attitude's forthcoming issue.

Awww... this little bear is too cute. I feel so bad for him but his little scaredy face is adorable.

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Get your stress ball all warmed up and ready, because Windows 7 is available on October 22. Microsoft announces new features such as HomeGroup, which allows users to share music, documents, and printers faster with other computers running W7 only, Peek-a-boo, which allows you to turn all your windows translucent, so you can see what's on your desktop (which would be, uhm... your wallpaper), and a search feature that indexes new files within 5 seconds (which, actually, is pretty cool).

I'm more and more unimp7.essed with Windows. If I could afford the Mac I want, I'd buy it tomorrow. But, for now, I'll settle for Microsoft OS. Go here to learn more about the features of W7.

Oh. Em. Gee. Ryanair, a discount Irish airliner, has suggested they will be selling standing-only seats on some of their shorter flights. Amazingly, a poll shows that almost half of their passengers would travel if the fair were cut in half:
Under the proposal, passengers would lean on a stool or ledge and wear a seatbelt during take off and landing. Passengers would still have to pay taxes and charges imposed by governments or airport operators. The online poll showed 42 per cent of passengers would stand if the fare was halved compared to 58 per cent who wanted a seat. Asked if passengers should have a choice of standing on short flights as they do on trains, buses and other transport, 60 per cent said yes and 40 per cent said no. Ryanair this year abandoned plans for a "fat tax" on obese passengers, because it would slow down check-in procedures. The airline has been criticised for considering other money-making schemes including charging people to go to the toilet.
For a discount airliner, it's seems ridiculous they would consider charging passengers to take a leak. And I suppose it's not that different from standing on a train or bus... except for the fact that you're about 20,000 feet in the air and traveling at 600MPH (which tends to make slamming into another object, or say... the ground, a little more severe). And, ON TOP OF THAT, as many of you may know, I'm Irish (last name = McCoy) and my legal first name is Ryan. This was like a personal stab to my brain. Seriously. I actually laughed when I read this because Ryan, in Irish, means "little king". And this little king would never be caught straight standing on an airplane.


Being gay is somehow an indulgent choice? It infuriates me. You're either Graham Norton or George Michael getting arrested in parks and I'm neither of those things. I think it appeals to the lowest common denominator that basically there are two types of gay men, the slut, or there's the straight acting guy. Neither of these things have anything to do with penises, or cocks in mouths or any of the things that are related to being gay.
- Former Savage Garden lead singer Darren Hayes, speaking about gay stereotypes on TV.

This calls for a favorite video/song post. To the Moon and Back has always been one of my favorite songs. What I found interesting about this song is that when it first came out, the radio stations pulled it from their line up, and then all of a sudden, added it back in. Anyone know why? I've always wanted to know.

Christianists in Texas are trying to create a history curriculum for public schools that says the United States would not exist were it not for the divine intervention of God:
The Christian right is making a fresh push to force religion onto the school curriculum in Texas with the state's education board about to consider recommendations that children be taught that there would be no United States if it had not been for God.

Members of a panel of experts appointed by the board to revise the state's history curriculum, who include a Christian fundamentalist preacher who says he is fighting a war for America's moral soul, want lessons to emphasise the part played by Christianity in the founding of the US and that religion is a civic virtue.

Opponents have decried the move as an attempt to insert religious teachings in to the classroom by stealth, similar to the Christian right's partially successful attempt to limit the teaching of evolution in biology lessons in Texas.

One of the panel, David Barton, founder of a Christian heritage group called WallBuilders, argues that the curriculum should reflect the fact that the US Constitution was written with God in mind including that "there is a fixed moral law derived from God and nature", that "there is a creator" and "government exists primarily to protect God-given rights to every individual".

While children still recite the Pledge of Allegiance using "one nation, under God", Religion is still kept out of the schools completely, even after the courts limited the extent to which creationist theories could intrude on the teaching of biology.


Via Boy Culture comes this image from the upcoming Globe (August 3rd, 2009) depicting MJ's face in death along with notes on what was presumably discovered during his autopsy. Freak out:

Here is the official cover for Madonna's new album, Celebrate. Very Warhol... no? Madonna is promising a return to her pop past with this album cover... it's Vogue meets Express Yourself with a little Rain mixed in.

There are two new songs on the album. The first is a Paul Oakenfold collaboration that goes to radio on August 3rd called "Celebration". The Hits collection is out September 28 in the U.S.

Thanks to Boy Culture for finding the original image. A Jean-Baptiste Mondino image of Madonna's face from a Bazaar cover in 1990:

A judge has announced Brandon McInerney will stand trial, as an adult, for the murder of 15 year-old Lawrence King.
McInerney allegedly shot King twice in the head Feb. 12, 2008, as their class sat in a computer lab at E.O. Green Junior High School. Barely 14 at the time of the crime, McInerney has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder. On Wednesday, the judge said the charge was appropriate, along with an allegation that it was a hate crime.

During the hearing, an investigator testified about an Oxnard man who allegedly was McInerney's neo-Nazi "mentor." Simi Valley Police Det. Dan Swanson, an expert on white supremacists, also pointed to McInerney's apparent interest in Nazi symbols, including swastika-riddled drawings found in his possession.

On Wednesday, the judge also agreed to a newly added special circumstance that McInerney was lying in wait for King. The shooting took place 15 or 20 minutes into class. King was shot from behind.
Ventura County District has offered him 25 years for a guilty plea, which he has not accepted. 25 years for killing someone who was only beginning to discover life. Seem fair to you?

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Ginny Maziarka and her husband, Jim, of West Bend, WI have been waging a battle against their local library because they carry books with a gay and lesbian theme. So major, the couple took the time to shimmy down the street during the city'sFourth of July parade with a sign, attached to a washing machine, that said "Keep our Libraries Clean!"

Ginny Maziarka, 49, said the books in the section of the library aimed at children aged 12 to 18 included homosexual and heterosexual content she thought was inappropriate for youths.

She and her husband also asked the library to obtain books about homosexuality that affirmed heterosexuality, such as titles written by "ex-gays," Maziarka said.

"All the books in the young-adult zone that deal with homosexuality are gay-affirming. That's not balance," she said.

Ginny wants these types of books, among others, moved from the young-adult section to the adult section of the library. Caldwell-Stone, who is monitoring the dispute, said moving any young-adult book to the adult section would have been a form of censorship, citing a burden on First Amendment Rights.

The debate has spread as far as Milwaukee, where Robert Braun, who, with three other Milwaukee-area men, filed a claim against West Bend calling for one of the library's books to be publicly burned, along with financial damages. The four men, who describe themselves as "elderly" claim their "mental and emotional well-being was being damaged by the book. PUH-LEEEASE

In a statement, Braun, 74, said:
I don't sit on the fence when I do these things. When I make a decision to speak up on something, I go for it.
Maziarka states her actions "are just common sense". Common for who?

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