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Over the last seven days...

California: Pastor Jessica Banks sentenced to life in prison for physically and sexually abusing her five adopted daughters.
Illinois: Jung Hee Chang charged with trespassing for refusing the leave the home of a woman who did not want her soul prayed for.
Ohio: Pastor Dale Griffin charged with six counts of raping a parishioner.
California: Pastor Lonnie McGowan charged with defrauding an 86 year-old parishioner of over $500K.
Maryland: Rabbi Jay Wagner charged with embezzling funds from the Orthodox school where he is vice principal.
Florida: Pastor Ronnie McGill, who is serving a 20 year sentence for real estate fraud, re-offended from behind bars by using the phone to attempt to con someone out of $40K for a new church.
Arizona: Youth Pastor Joshua O'Bannion confesses to sex with 14 year-old female congregant.
North Carolina: Pastor James William Rupard arrested for selling fake insurance policies. Thirty years ago Rupard was convicted of murdering his grandparents.
Connecticut: Convicted child molester Father Paul Stanley has assembled over 100 scientists and psychologists to discount the validity of repressed memory syndrome, which was used by witnesses against him.
Nova Scotia: Seventy men will share a $13M class action settlement for sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests, providing a court certifies the offer made by the church. Three priests have been convicted in the case.
Florida: Father David Dueppen slapped with restraining order by stripper who claims he fathered her baby. She claims he threatened to kill her and her baby if she persisted in her demand for a DNA paternity test.


Apparently, there's a lot of debate going on right now, whether I'm qualified or not to be the new judge on American Idol... I'll tell you right now, how I know I'm going to be a great judge -- because I've spent my whole life being judged. So, I know what it's like. So, I will be kind. I will be compassionate. I will be empathetic, and I will be truthful. I will be an honest judge without being mean.
- Ellen DeGeneres defending her new position on American Idol

It may sound ridiculous, but I sort of like the idea. A coalition of 50 prominent French politicians are down with passing into law a requirement to post "bold notices" on airbrushed images of models, warning women that attempting to become so skinny and perfect can be bad for their health:
Campaigning MP Valerie Boyer, of President Nicolas Sarkozy's UMP party, said the wording should read:"Retouched photograph aimed at changing a person's physical appearance". Mrs Boyer, who has also written a government report on anorexia and obesity, added: "We want to combat the stereotypical image that all women are young and slim. "These photos can lead people to believe in a reality that does not actually exist, and have a detrimental effect on adolescents. "Many young people, particularly girls, do not know the difference between the virtual and reality, and can develop complexes from a very young age. "In some cases this leads to anorexia or bulimia and very serious health problems. "It's not just a question of public health, but also a way of protecting the consumer." She said the law – which had its first reading in the French parliament last week – should also have a wider scope than simply photos used in newspaper and magazine advertising. Mrs Boyer added: "Billboard photos and those on product packaging, as well as photos used in political campaigns or artistic photos, should also be included."
The proposed fine for failing to publish the warning is 50% of the cost of the ad campaign.


The United States has decided to lift the ban on immigration for HIV + persons. The CIS has been put on stand by for the ruling.
Currently HIV qualifies as an exclusionary communicable disease, and applications may be turned down by the US authorities if a person wishing to travel to the country, or settle there permanently, is HIV positive. The policy was overturned last year in what became known as the Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde U.S. Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Reauthorization Act of 2008, but the Bush administration did not enact the new rules before leaving office. The Health and Human Services body published the regulations this summer, and is currently reviewing public comment. Commentators have suggested that the pausing of green card applications which come down to the applicant's HIV status is a strong indicator that the rule change will be implemented soon, and that HIV will be removed from the list of exclusionary communicable diseases.
Read more, here.

Jockstrap:Phillip Fusco

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I think I'd do pretty good on this test. How about you!?

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Andrew Foster makes good work of Shakira's She Wolf:

A student attending Guilford College in Greensboro, NC was threatened twice last week, via two different notes; one left on his door, and the other placed in his window.
On Monday, a student found a note on his door that had a death threat and called him a derogatory name. The note also said 'nobody wants your kind on campus.' On Thursday, someone dropped a rock with a letter attached in the same student's window. The note used the same derogatory name and also said: 'You don't deserve life like the rest of the world. It's bad enough with out all the gay crap pulling people down. It's sick, unnatural, and death is almost too good for you. Almost.' The dean of students who live in Bryan Hall informed students about the hate crimes during a meeting on Friday.
Students reportedly organized a march for today (Wednesday) in response to the threat.

No doubt will this bigot pansy stay in hiding until found out. Hopefully, these letters have helped to get the hate out of their system and they won't be stupid enough to act upon them.

Looks like the anti-gay marriage folks in Maine are running low on money, or ideas, or both... because their new ad features the same exact couple, and same exact clip, from an ad ran in California from months before. The clip shows the couple urging America to vote against gay marriage because of "what will be taught to children in school" should the marriage initiative be approved.

... and, some inneresting news about the teacher in Maine's ad, via Towleroad / Good as You:
They are using Charla Bansley in the 'teacher' role, making it sound as if she's just some layperson. In truth, Ms. Bansley is the state director of the Concerned Women For America of Maine, and has appeared onstage at many Stand For Marriage Maine rallies. She has made her interest clear time and time again. And while she is a teacher, she doesn't teach at a public institution. She teaches at Calvary Chapel Christian School. A Christian school where she is already freely stifling pro-gay speech, at least according to one of her very own students. To identify Ms. Bansley as merely a 'teacher' is like simply calling Barack Obama a CEO of an important entity. In truth, Ms. Bansley is one of Stand For Marriage Maine's own (paid?) staffers who is motivated almost exclusively by her faith.

Pop star Mika, who's been hush-hush until now, has confirmed publicly he is bi-sexual:
I've never ever labeled myself. But having said that; I've never limited my life, I've never limited who I sleep with. So, whatever. (…) Call me whatever you want. Call me bisexual, if you need a term for me.
He encourages everyone else to lose the labels, as well:
There are ways of being a role model without having to always having to establish yourself with a label. Let's say if you're a 16-year-old guy, and you're not sure about your sexuality, you should be as free as you want...Having a role model who makes you feel like it's alright to do whatever you want, without the pressure of a label, I think that's a good thing as well. I think there's a million different ways to do it, there isn't only one. And I hope I'm right.
And here's Mika dancing in his bisexual underwear.

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This brought tears to my eyes. Beyonce is the SHIT!

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The trial for a Salt Lake City man has begun after he was beaten by his neighbors for removing children from a rowdy BBQ their family was having. Lulu Latu, the mother of the 2-year old girl and aunt to the 4-year old boy who were found in David James, "DJ", Bell's home in the early morning hours following the BBQ, instigated a brutal attack on DJ and his partner, Dan:
She claimed the children were in and out of Latu's home during the party and said the parents were guilty of child neglect. 'No one was supervising these kids,' Gustin told jurors. She suggested that when Latu found her daughter and nephew missing, 'she needed someone to blame' and picked Bell. Bell was dragged from his home by his then-shoulder length hair and his head was repeatedly smashed against the pavement, Gustin said. Blood was oozing from his right ear and he still suffers hearing loss, she said. Someone used a piece of broken glass to cut Bell's throat, chest and one of his toes. Bell's partner, Fair, also was beaten, and a large TV was thrown onto his head.
Lulu claims she found the children upstairs in DJ's home, holding hands and crying. Lulu slapped DJ and warned him to lock his doors after picking up the children.

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Hello faithful readers! Sorry for the delay in updates, but blogging will be delayed only one more day until Wednesday, September 23rd due to a hectic, hectic schedule. Thanks for your continued support and we'll have some good reads for you tomorrow! In the meantime, please check out some of my favorite blogs on the net!

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Joe. My. God.


Hugs and Kisses (and tomorrow maybe some tongue action),

The check I wrote to my personal trainer over two weeks ago still hasn't cleared my account. I'm tempted to just spend the damn money. I also like to think he's going to never deposit it, and will forever keep in a special place, because on the "For" line I wrote My Bitch.

We'll see what he does with this next one, which will say Last Night.


Artist Dean Potter gives us his idea of American currency:

My design features: a vertical orientation, because it's how I handle money; American artists, we're a culture, not just a government; corresponding geographical scenes; and a complementary color scheme, with bold, high-contrast numbers.
"We're a culture, not just a government". I could not agree more:

David McCandless has created a data-visual of how "our" money has been spent. I'm sure you can guess what that giant yellow box and purple box represent. $97B spent on the internet porn industry and $32B on the video game industry... it's nice to know we're doing a good job. (Click to embiggen).

I have no idea what's going on here, so you caption it!

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This obviously can't be real... or can it?

Via K(212)


The people's anger regarding the abusive and homophobic raid on the Atlanta Eagle is not subsiding. Gays in Atlanta are now planning a second protest outside Atlanta's City Hall this Saturday, September 19th at 12.00PM.
GLBTATL, made up of members of Atlanta's LGBT community, and our allies are highly concerned with the Atlanta Police Department in their handling of the police action against the Atlanta Eagle bar on September 10, 2009. We believe that no person, regardless of sexual orientation, race, or other aspect, should be treated in the manners alleged in the official complaints. We are further disappointed in the sluggish response from the Atlanta City Council, and particularly with the abject silence of Mayor Shirley Franklin. We join with other local and national groups in calling for an immediate, transparent investigation into the events. Should the allegations of improper police conduct prove true, the offending parties should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. As community leaders, we want it to be understood that our trust in the protection and dedication of Atlanta Police Department officers has been violated.
GLBTATL is also questioning the Atlanta Police Department's law enforcement methods:
If their undercover work and actions on September 10 came about as a result of only two questionably factual complaints, why were the owners and management of Atlanta Eagle not made aware of the complaints and offered a chance to remedy the situation? Since neither illegal drugs, nor any serious act of harm in which the business was obviously complicit, were ever found as part of the investigation process, we are hard-pressed to find any justifiable precedent for the behavior of Atlanta Police Officers as described in the official complaints.
Via Towleroad

Looks like Chris Brown has started serving his community service. It's weird seeing him do some actual work (other than the job he did on Rhianna's face). People like Chris Brown... you know, the one's who beat the shit out of their women, really aren't used to manual labor.

I had to do community service a few years ago for an underage drinking ticket, but I got to work in a warehouse with two fabulous bull dikes. I wasn't sludging through horse shit and cutting down weeds.

Go Chris:

The balance between freedom and safety is one that we have to carefully balance. … I have some concerns about some of the language being used, because I saw this myself in the late 70s in San Francisco; this kind of rhetoric was very frightening, and it created a climate where violence took place. I wish that we could all curb our enthusiasm in the statements that we make and understand that some of the ears that it's falling on are not as balanced as the person making the statement might assume...Again our country is based on people being able to say what they believe, but I also believe they must take responsibility for any incitement they may cause.
- Nanci Pelosi speaking her concerns about America's current political climate.

... it's one of those moments when you place your hand over your mouth, blink, and smile:

Via Queer the Pitch

Most people would be envious of a friendship this close and it's very encouraging to see people have such loyalty to one another:
It was a promise neither man would have wanted to keep. Yesterday the funeral of a Black Watch soldier killed in Afghanistan took a bizarre turn when his best friend arrived in a bright green dress and pink leg warmers to honour a pact that the two of them had made.

Private Kevin Elliott and his friend, Barry Delaney, had agreed that whoever survived the other should wear a dress to the dead man’s funeral. Mr Delaney duly fulfilled the pledge as a tribute to Private Elliott, who was killed aged 24 while on foot patrol in the southern province of Helmand on August 31.

Mr Delaney wept on his knees at the graveside in Dundee as shots were fired during the military funeral. His dress plans are believed to have been known about in advance by other mourners.

My father, at 60, has worked on base for more than 30 years and hears about young soldiers dying on a daily basis, especially in the past few years. I tell him to keep those stories to himself because it's just too much for me to handle.

But, still, I watch heart-wrenching documentaries like Last Letters Home and Alive Day Memories : Home from Iraq over and over again and ball my eyes out hearing the stories of fallen and disabled soldiers.

Why is that?

The folks over here (warning: aesthetically displeasing) seem to think they've created some musical masterpiece opposing gay marriage. Fail Blog, where are you on this one?


Happy Birthday Nick Jonas! Only one more year and you're... 18.

Via DD

Not only do these have a fabulously gay undertone, they look delicious! My good friend Beth (over here) created these buttery bamboozlements in her own little brain and posted the recipe for everyone to see... the ingredients are simple and more healthy than than most sweet snacks.

Copy and paste quickly, folks. That bitch Betty Crocker is gunna pay Beth a million or so for rights to the recipe, they're going to copyright the shit, then we'll have to start paying for it!

The Southern Voice has obtained copies of nine complaints filed against the Atlanta Police Department following last week's raid of the Atlanta Eagle:
An employee who lives in an apartment over the Eagle, who said he was not working that night, said someone started pounding on his door. He opened the door to two cops who asked if anyone was having sex there. They asked why there was a bed and he said it was because he lives there. He was made to come downstairs and was arrested with the other employees. He recalled hearing comments like "You people are despicable."

Another patron said he saw officers forcing people to the ground by officers pushing their shoulders or the backs of their heads. He said he asked to move because there was broken glass on the floor where he was lying, and he was told to "shut the fuck up." The customer recounted hearing anti-gay slurs: "I heard several slurs such as 'I hate homosexuals.' I also heard 'I don't like fags.' One officer asked me if I was married and had any children, and he told me I should be ashamed for being there." The customer recounted having his diabetes medication, which was in an unmarked container, taken and not returned. He recounted hearing another customer told that if he didn't be quiet, an officer would hit him over the head with one of the barstools. "There were several officers standing over me that started joking about this is a lot of fun, we ought to come back and do this every week." The customer said he heard an officer say pictures of men on the walls made him sick, and make comments about people's appearance, including calling him "big boy." He also said officers were watching the football game on TV during the raid.

Another patron described listening to officers chat about their cell phone plans as he lay on the ground. "I was forced down by physical force. They grabbed my neck and pushed me down. They put their boot on my back and told me to stay down. … If anyone asked anything they were told to 'shut the fuck up.'"
"Chatting about their cell phone plans"? Just another day at the office for these douche bags, I guess. Atlanta Police Chief Richard Pennington said of the force's LGBT liaison, Dani Lee Harris (who was MIA during the raid), "We really should have had her there".

Yeah, Richard... that would have been fabulous.

Via Towleroad


Canadian football player, Alex Myros, who three months ago pulled two children from a burning car wreck in northern Indiana, is wanted for aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, forcible confinement, and two counts of uttering death threats in the anti-gay assault on Brandon Wright in early September.

Wright sustained a dislocated shoulder, deep gashes to his scalp and check, ruptured blood vessels in his left eye and severe bruising on his left side in the attack.

Via Towleroad

Mario Lopez squeezes his sexy, dimpled ass into some sexy lingerie for his return as Dr. Mike Hamoui in season six of Nip/Tuck.

Via Towleroad

Chelsea, the daughter of two gay men who are finally able to get married after 26 years, gives an emotional and touching speech at her fathers' wedding:

Via Good as You / Towleroad

Buju Banton, the Jamaican music group that calls for the brutal murder of homosexuals in their song lyrics, saw another cancellation yesterday after a popular music venue in Salt Lake City nixed their upcoming show amid protest and boycott threats.
A prominent Salt Lake City music venue canceled a scheduled concert featuring Jamaican reggae musician Buju Banton after local gay activists threatened to picket the show and boycott all future shows at the venue.

Urban Lounge, located in downtown Salt Lake City, had scheduled an Oct. 8 show featuring Banton, but co-owner Will Sartain released a statement Tuesday saying the show was canceled -- not because of the anticipated protests, he said, but because the club doesn't condone Banton's past anti-gay music.

"When initially scheduling the Buju Banton event, we were unaware of his hateful anti-gay message," Sartain said in a statement. "Upon further review, Urban Lounge has decided to cancel the event. We strive for peace and understanding in our community. We support the rights of all. We have made this decision on moral grounds."

The group's music label, NY-based Gargamel, immediately denounced the cancellation, issuing a news release titled "The Voice of Jamaica Will Not Be Silenced." Tracii (that's Tracii, with two "i"s) McGregor, president of the label, said that an alternate Utah venue would be booked to replace Urban Lounge, as Banton's music promoted love and peace.

If you call burning gay men alive with acid promoting love and peace, then keep rolling with it Tracii... with two "i"s.

Protect Maine Equality fired back a swift response to Stand for Marriage Maine's fear and hate mongering ad published yesterday... and without using some stuck up legal expert. Instead, they used a real-life school teacher to ensure parents the only thing their kids will be learning in the classroom is respect and values.

Via Towleroad

You can skip to the 1.31 mark for the start of the video, but you'll miss even more of the young, hot Keanu Reeves:

Music Videos by VideoCure

A new campaign in New South Wales promotes the message that safe sex isn't just safe but fun and sexy, too. With the tagline 'Slip It On', the campaign, created by the internationally reputed Frost*Design, offers an iconic image inspired by 1960's pop art.

Via Tres Fab Sweetie!

Anne Schollard of Jacksonville, FL is taking her boyfriend, Staff Sgt. Patrick Thomas, with her everywhere she goes, whether he likes it or not. But he's not going in the flesh... he's experiencing her travels through pictures she's taken (with his cardboard cutout) and sent to him while stationed in Iraq with the US Air Force.

Anne calls her project "Perk Up Patrick":
Anne Schollard recently carried the cutout to his favorite destinations in California.

"We broke it up into days and I mailed them to him. He said 'I'm so excited to see what this project is. I just love it so much,' " Schollard said.

It started as a joke, but then got serious as Schollard bought the cutout.

It's all part of a mission she calls "Perk Up Patrick".

"Typically I'll hear from Patrick mostly everyday. There was a time when I went five days without hearing from him. Oh my gosh, you worry even though you know they're probably fine," Schollard says
Patrick is expected home in November.

Parents: STOP THIS... RIGHT NOW... please. You're child is not a pet. They do not belong on a leash. The child-leash thingy is a crap excuse for parents who are too lazy to watch their children in public. Here are your priorities, in a particular order:

1. My child
2. My child's safety
3. Contraceptives
4. Milk
5. Cookies

If you are unable to complete number one and number two without a child-leash, do not take your kids out in public until they're ready to behave. Or, take some parenting classes.

If you are unable to complete number three, do not have sex or go gay.

If you are unable to complete number four and number five, ask yourself "how did I arrive at this article... on the internet?"

Only a few short months after his passing, Columbia Pictures is releasing Michael Jackson's This is It, a film containing never-before-seen footage of the King of Pop rehearsing for his sold out tour, giving fans a look at the concert they never got to see.

Tickets go on sale an entire month before it's release date on 10.28.09. And it's playing for two weeks only. Get in line early for this one, folks.

Be a part of it all here.

Watch this guy let people hang themselves on their own words when they admit they know nothing about what they're marching for or what their signs mean. It's hilarious. Republicans are great at knowing nothing they think they know everything about. SRSLY:


Stand for Marriage, Maine's anti-equality group standing to protect same-sex marriage, has released it's first Ad... and it's hosted by some honky, bloated legal expert. One who donated heavily to Marilyn Musgrave and Sam Brownback, and submitted testimony in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment. And... what anti-equality advertisement would be complete without the dried-out "your children will be indoctrinated" at school bit?

Via Towleroad

The Respect for Marriage Act was introduced today in Washington DC by Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.), our very own Colorado boy Jared Polis (D-CO), along with John Lewis (D-GA) and Nydia Velazquez (D-NY). It is a measure that would repeal DOMA and restore the rights to all lawfully married couples, including same-sex couples, to receive the benefits of marriage under Federal Law. Bill Clinton, who signed DOMA into law in 1996, thanked the bill's sponsored and issued the following statement:
Throughout my life I have opposed discrimination of any kind. When the Defense of Marriage Act was passed, gay couples could not marry anywhere in the United States or the world for that matter. Thirteen years later, the fabric of our country has changed, and so should this policy.
Third openly gay member of Congress, Barney Frank, has chosen to not put his support behind the act because he doesn't feel it has enough backing or votes to pass in the near future.

Via Towleroad

Even better than the tweet, is the audio evidence of Obama calling Kanye West a jackass, following his asshattery on stage during the VMAs. Seriously, this may be the first time America has ever seen a President with a sense of humor. AND... there's a free gift with purchase at the end: a brief comment about PETA.

All in all though, I'm jealous of Kanye. I mean, seriously. He was called a jackass by the POTUS. I would love to be called that by the President. He may be calling me a jackass, but it would still be me he'd be referring to.

The House of Representatives voted on a bill today, which was introduced earlier by Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), on the rebuking of Joe Wilson for his "You Lie!" outburst during President Obama's recent speech on health care.

Conservatives are screaming hypocrisy, citing a 2007 speech in which Pete Stark called Bush a liar. Maybe they're pissed because Pete was right?
If there is any hypocrisy here, it is on the part of Republicans. They wanted to censure Pete Stark, but couldn’t do it since they were in the minority (remember – elections have consequences). But when it comes to Joe Wilson, they are circling the wagons.
Following Joe's apology, the Democrats asked for another one on the house floor, and he refused.

Via Towleroad

The National Equality March, taking place on the 10th and 11th of October in Washington DC, has received several new endorsements and Towleroad has received the exclusive news, reporting a number of new high-profile endorsements, this time from the entertainment industry and religious community.

The National Equality March seeks equal protection in all matters governed by law in all 50 states.
Oscar-winning producer Bruce Cohen praised the entertainment industry for coming forward in support of the March, "We are thrilled to have this impressive, ever-growing group of extraordinarily talented entertainment industry luminaries from stage, screen, television and the arts endorsing the march. As the demand for full LGBT Federal rights grows in all corners of the country, adding the support of these wonderful LGBT and straight friends of ours will continue to broaden the impact of what is being planned for October 11th in our nation's Capitol."

Added Rabbi Denise Eger, president of the Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis: "The importance of the National March for Equality for LGBT civil rights is being articulated through the Religious and Faith communities. Jewish national leaders and faith leaders understand that equality and justice stem from the message of welcome and love. We are joining together to lift up this message of full civil rights."

Earlier today, it was revealed that WordPerfect creator and gay philanthropist Bruce Bastian has pledged $100,000 to help fund the March. It was also announced that on Saturday, October 10, the day before the actual march, discharged military veterans Lt. Col Victor Fehrenbach, CPT Anthony Woods, Lt. Dan Choi, SSgt Eric Alva, and others will hold a 15-minute "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Here are the new endorsements, via Towleroad:


Calpernia Addams, author, actor and musician
Jane Anderson, Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, playwright and director
Paris Barclay, Emmy Award-winning director
Annette Bening, Oscar-nominated actor
Greg Berlanti, writer, producer and director
David Dean Bottrell, screenwriter
The Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd, author and Episcopal priest
Victor Bumbalo, actor and playwright
Ilene Chaiken, creator, writer, and executive producer, “The L Word”
Wilson Cruz, actor
Dana Delaney, Emmy Award-winning actor
Ronald Dennis, actor, dancer, and singer
Melissa Etheridge, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and musician
Joely Fisher, actor
Carrie Fisher, actor, screenwriter and novelist
James Franco, Golden Globe Award-winning actor
David Marshall Grant, Tony Award-nominated actor
Ellen Greene, Tony Award-nominated actor
Trebor Healy, poet and novelist
Helen Hunt, Academy Award-winning actor
Dave Koz, Grammy Award-nominated musician
Susan Krebs, jazz vocalist
Swoosie Kurtz, Emmy Award-winning actor
Chad Lowe, Emmy Award-winning actor
Camryn Manheim, Golden Globe Award and Emmy Award-nominated actor
Ewan McGregor, Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Sir Ian McKellen, Tony Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actor
Julianne Moore, Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Max Mutchnick, Emmy Award-winning producer
Kathy Najimy, actor
Ken Page, actor and cabaret singer
Peter Paige, actor, “Queer as Folk”
Pauley Perrette, actor and civil rights activist
Felice Picano, PEN Award-winning writer
David Hyde Pierce, Emmy Award and Tony Award-winning actor
David O. Russell, director
Meg Ryan, actor
Eduardo Santiago, author
Mark Thompson, author and gay activist
Marisa Tomei, Academy Award-winning actor
Liz Torres, Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award-nominated actor
Gus Van Sant, Academy Award-nominated director, “Milk”
Ann Walker, actor


Rev. Samuel Chu, Interim Executive Director of California Faith for Equality
Rabbi Mark Diamond, Exec. Vice President of the Southern California Board of Rabbis
Rabbi Ellen Weinberg Dreyfus, President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Denise Eger, President of Pacific Association of Former Rabbis
Rabbi Dr. David Ellenson, President of Hebrew Union College
Rabbi Steven A. Fox, Exec. Vice President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
Rabbi Steven B. Jacobs, Chair of the Progressive Jewish Foundation
Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, NYC
Bishop Eugene Robinson, Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire
Rev. Susan Russell, President of Integrity
Rev. Neil G. Thomas, Chair of California Faith for Equality and Sr. Pastor MCC
Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union for Reform of Judaism

Whitney reveals some shocking details about her life in the fast lane with Oprah. I don't have the videos to share here, but you can pop on over to Jezebel for a smorgasboard of clips from the interview. I'm glad Whitney opened up as she did... I think it will help seal things in the past for good. A snippet, and paraphrased, portion from her interview:
Oprah: What's the worse thing Bobby ever said to you? That you can admit here?

Whitney: He cussed me out in front of his parents and then spit on me. He spit... right in my face.
That's your good 'ol washed up Bobby Brown. Whitney surpassed his fame once, and she'll do it again this time.

Via Sozo

I agree with @TerryMoran. That IS Presidential.

Via Sozo

Yeah, complete with the gaping sex-doll mouth and everything.

This shit is fucked up. FUCKED UP. Who's the idiot that came up with an idea to make a woman look like a piece of pale, fleshy meat that's only worthy of walking all over and catching everything "else" that doesn't hit the floor? Oh, and let's not forget this: a sex toy.

This crap is not art, nor a furnishing.

Via Shakesville