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We The Corporations? I Don't Think So.

I felt like I was in suspended animation as I read the Supreme Court decision which essentially enables a corporate coup d'├ętat of America's Democracy.

Our country's Founding Fathers never intended for monarchs or the business establishment to rule our nation. No, the Founders of our country began the Constitution with the words, We the People of the United States...

That sentiment was again expressed when President Lincoln in his famous Gettysburg Address said it simply but powerfully, that our government was of the people, by the people and for the people.

Corporations are not people nor are they individual citizens. They are chartered by states to conduct commerce. And while I certainly don't pretend to be a constitutional scholar, I have been reading a lot about this and thankfully, many brilliant minds do agree with me.

Or wait... is it? I feel very bad for this woman:

Over the last seven days...

Wisconsin: Father Robert Chukwu arrested for embezzling $200K from his diocese.
Israel: Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira arrested for firebombing a West Bank mosque.
Texas: Pastor James Dixon arrested for beating his wife.
Kentucky: Pastor John Wayne Diehl arrested for child molestation.
Connecticut: Pastor Troy Grant charged with multiple felony counts of sexual assault on minors.
Colorado: Pastor Isaac Aryee charged with sexual assault on a minor.
Texas: Pastor Matt Baker convicted of murdering his wife.
Florida: Pastor Phillip Glenn Terrell pleads guilty to child molestation.
Tennessee: Pastor Jonathan Tyler Giles charged with sexual abuse of minors.
Alabama: Christian radio host Walter Bowen charged with two counts of sexual assault on a child under the age of 12.
Florida: Pastor Leonard Martin charged with 42 felonies for attempting to embezzle $1M from a local school district.
Arkansas: Pastor Charles King arrested for solicitation in a public park.
California: Pastor Calvin Lee Little arrested for violating his sex offender probation requirements stemming from a 1984 rape.
Illinois: Father Steven Poole arrested for shoplifting butter and a sofa cover from Wal-Mart. Interesting combination.
North Carolina: Father Kenneth Parker suspended for sexual misconduct.
Wisconsin: Father James Blume convicted on two counts of child molestation.

This Week's Winner-
New York: Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Baruch Lebovits is set to begin trial in Brooklyn on 75 felony counts of sexually abusing boys. In November a 25 year old just-married man leaped to his death from his honeymoon hotel room, reportedly just after confessing to his bride that he too had been molested by Lebovits. The Brooklyn district attorney's office has arrested 25 Ultra Orthodox Jews on charges of child abuse in the last year, after criticism of foot-dragging when it came to crimes in that very insular community.


Long before Michael C. Hall became the hottest serial killer ever, he starred in this 2003 crime-themed editorial Doppelganger by Miles Aldridge in L’Uomo Vogue. Michael is my Dexter Dick Tracy. 


Alright readers, this may be a post with some massive TMI in it, but whatever. You all know how vulgar and upfront I can be. But I have got to write about this... it makes no sense to me. 

There is one thing I will never understand about some people. And that's their ability to complete a number two at the bar. I can't tell you all how many times I've walked into the men's bathroom at a bar and had the bottom of a stall door reveal two feet facing the opposite direction of the toilet with crumpled pants on top of them. And, not to mention, the disgusting smell of rotten ass in the air. Ugh!

Now, I understand that "that" is a natural part of life... just like farting, hiccups, and sweating. But seriously... there are certain parts of life worth sharing, and certain parts that are worth keeping private... for everyone's sake. And this is one of them.

I will never, ever, understand how someone could do such a thing in such a public and judgmental setting. I understand that sometimes, when you have to go... you just have to go. But in those instances, I would drive home and do my business there or go find a damn gas station. SRSLY... completing that component of life is a very private function for me. And I could never, ever, do it in a busy bathroom with a bunch of strangers bustling in and out of it. Ever.

You'd think he'd use clear tape, rather than duct, but then again... he approved the damn thing in the first place. And this picture proves my ass right.

Get your 3D glasses out, bitches!

While I think they could have chosen some better artists for this performance, I have to say it was very moving and a little tear jerking. Jennifer Hudson looked and sounded fabulous (as usual) and Usher was more impressive than he's been in a while. This was my favorite part of the Grammys tonight.  I was a little upset, however, that the speech Prince and Paris gave was written for them. I would have much rather heard the real story going on in those two children's heads. 

What was your favorite part of the evening?

As if their request for fish to be renamed "Sea Kittens" wasn't ridiculous enough, PETA now wants the internationally renowned ground hog, Punxsutawney Phil, to be replaced by a robot. Because, yes PETA, it would be so much more fun to have a computer predict the coming of spring rather than an cool, cute, and totally awesome ground hog. 
Gemma Vaughan, PETA's animals in entertainment specialist, fired off a letter to groundhog club president William Deeley this week, asking for his promise that the group will forgo the use of real rodents in future Groundhog Day celebrations. Little Phil, Vaughan wrote, is a pretty unhappy fellow, 'forced to be on display year round at the local library and is denied the ability to prepare for and enter yearly hibernation.' Groundhogs are typically shy creatures, Vaughan goes on to explain, and they can become easily upset when confronted by throngs of people, loud noises and camera flashes.
I've decided Gemma's just pissed because Phil gets more ink than she does. And how the hell does Gemma know how "unhappy" Phil is? And what kind of name is Gemma? These questions are far more important than the question of replacing a real ground hog with a robotic one.

Nick Jonas does VMan (and quite well). And guess what readers... it's only seven more months until we all don't have to feel like a bunch of dirty bitches when we look at him.

September 16th, get here. Get here. Get here. Get here.

... and for good reason! I have a feeling this crap-shot at advertising would have been rejected even if it was two hot lesbians making out. Or a straight couple. Or two dogs. 

CBS didn't even need to touch on the gay issue, here. I can see the rejection letter now: 

"We've reviewed the ad you submitted for airing during this year's Super Bowl coverage. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your advertisement for airing on our network because, as you may already be aware, Super Bowl commercials are funny, creative, and professionally filmed. Your ad is none of these. Thank you."

I'll state, however, that it's absolute BULLSHIT CBS approved this homophobic Snickers ad years ago for airing, and another ad from Focus on the Family for this year's Super Bowl, but refuse to touch this one. Double Standard much?

Readers! Holy crap. I'm sooo incredibly sad I haven't gotten any of your morning mugshots! Are you all shy? Or just forgetful in the morning? Sharing is caring, ya know. I've showed you mine, now you have to show me yours.

"But Wes... we didn't ask to see that shit. You just offered it up willy nilly. This isn't like the whole 'You send first and I'll reply' bullshit that often happens on hook-up websites."

True, pumpkins... but don't you all want to be a part of my great vision? AND the I-Just-Woke-Up Modeling Club? We have to get these pictures submitted before the weekend hits, because I'm sure nobody will want to send in their pictures after a night of hard drinking (not even I would do that).

I tell ya what... each person who submits their picture between now and Sunday at midnight will get entered into a drawing for a $25.00 gift card to any place of their choosing. How 'bout that!?

It's simple, click here to get the website and you'll see a form on the right hand side to submit your mugshot. You don't even have to use your real name! Make one up, use your stripper name (my personal trainer calls himself White Cocoa), your dog's name, anything! Anyone can participate... men, women, couples, moms, dads, blow-up dolls... even your pets!

Or... do ya'll just think it's a stupid idea? Sometimes I have those. More often than I'd like to admit publicly. Give me your feedback, puh-leeeeez!

Much Love,


P.S. The website's still under a little bit of construction, but I was so excited to get it up and running I just couldn't help myself. I almost spit. SRSLY.

I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who has some damn patience! 

I'm not really that impressed, you guys. And I'm really kinda pissed! When rumors about the Apple iPad started circling, I was looking forward to a device that could do some really cool shit. Like cook dinner, make coffee, vacuum, surf the internet, solve global warming, walk my dog, and freshen the air... all while jacking me off.

But no. What do we get? A giant, mutated version of the iPod Touch, where the only difference is the capability of streaming HD in YouTube. And SRSLY... how much YouTube can one person watch in a day? And why would Apple mention a 30-day stand-by time as a feature? If I'm going to spend up to $799 on something, the fucker isn't going to be just sitting around looking for a WiFi connection all day.

There's no multi-tasking, no flash (still - so most streaming sites are out), no camera (lame!), and hardly any storage (16GB to start, 64GB max). My porn collection would fill that space in seconds! Seriously people... what's the point of the iPad? And where are the productivity features!?

My iPhone does the same thing the iPad does... and I'd rather have a device that's 1/5th in size, can fit in my pocket, take pictures, and can make phone calls rather than stream YouTube in HD.

Congratulations on the total WIN here, Apple. You've created the world's most useless gadget, ever.

MADTV has a much better idea for the iPad (big ups to Boy Culture for the reminder):

I'm happy I don't drive a Toyota.

That's it.

K... Thanks!

... does this to you:

Apparently, it's seems like a tactful and wonderful idea to announce (NSFW) the death of a porn star with his cumshots and sex pictures plastered on the internet for friends and family to see, and an homage that begins with "The hung and versatile stud..." Because, you know, when talking about the dead, everyone starts off by describing dick sizes and sexual position preferences!

The boy is dead. Not retiring from the business. Not taking a sabbatical. Dead. So, shouldn't it naturally seem appropriate to pay respect by, oh... I don't know... publishing some pictures of him with some pants on and just smiling at the camera? And by NOT pulling scenes from his porn movies to make a tribute video?


Betty White is the shit! And nobody can prove otherwise. Did you see her acceptance speech at the SAG Awards? Not only does she deserve a Lifetime Achievement Award, she deserves her own awards show... especially after her fire-back (sorry... no option to embed, and YouTube's on top of their game) at Sandra B, who handled the situation perfectly. She knows that when an old lady puts you in your place, you sit back, shut up, and laugh right along with everyone else.

Go Betty... you're my hero.

I hate clowns. I hate snot-faced children. And I hate Wal-Mart. So, It's only natural that the company would release a TV spot that contains all three:

Oh, I was just waiting for the day, darlings. I TOTALLY called this shit, and all my friends were like "Oh, no way Wes. Shut up and eat your pickle and drink your Diet Coke.", "There's no way in hell that movie is making it that far.", "You're going to see that crap? Did you lose a bet... or something?"

Well, bitches... Avatar has now claimed it's spot in cinema history, and proved each and every one of you wrong, by surpassing over $1.292 Billion in revenue at the box-office, making it the worlds highest grossing movie, ever.

So... in your face.

I'm sure, however, that Sam Worthington had nothing to do with Avatar's success. Nothing at all:

Sorry everyone! I've been AWOL for a few days, but for good reason! Please clicky clicky here to discover my new project ("Elphaba, I've decided to make you my new project..."). My best friend Jenn and I have submitted our just-woken-up photos and would LURRRRRV for everyone to participate. Don't be shy either, bitches... nobody's pretty in the AM, especially after a night of drinking. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

Lots of hugs and kisses (and tomorrow maybe a lightsaber injection),


I often think about who will attend my funeral.

I've been working in the apartment industry for over eight years now, and, like any job, it has it's ups and downs. The work load, the residents, the complaints, the blah... blah... blah. You all know how it goes.

Anyway, this somewhat-new position of mine has presented a brand new challenge for me: helping manage five team members.... something I've never done before. And, when I took the job in May of last year, I was very excited about doing it... and still am. I LOVE a challenge!

Being in the industry for eight years has given me a lot of experience. It's unfortunate, however, that out of six of those years, I went through an unbelievable amount of horrible managers and assistant managers. Managers who were out to ensure the dirtying of my reputation, assistant managers who refused to lift one damn finger unless it benefited them, and, as an entire management team, made it completely obvious that my presence wasn't welcome, "nor desired or required", as it was once put by a Miss Noxima Jackson.

When I was working for The Fairways at Raccoon Creek about three years ago, I had a horrible assistant manager, who seemed to be angry at the entire universe. Granted, at times, she was very pleasant to deal with and was, at less times than more, able to hold an interesting and supportive conversation. But generally, was unapproachable, attached to the chair in her office or cigarette in her hand, and extremely unhelpful. It was working "with" her when I decided that I would never be the assistant manager who, and those in the industry can understand and appreciate this, doesn't have time to take a community tour, answer the phone, help a resident, grab a parcel, or even walk back to their office without greeting a helped, waiting resident with a "Hi! How are you today!?"

This is my goal today, people. I want to be, and am becoming, the assistant manager outside of the "assistant manager mold". I try to answer the phone whenever I can, tour prospective residents through the community when the opportunity presents itself, and am a very, very friendly person. Even to those who are concerned about paying rent on time.

But this isn't about me. It's about my leasing manager, Chad:

He is absolutely awesome. I believe he is excellent at managing his leasing team, at motivating them, and at getting "it" done. On Wednesday, he walked into my office and said, as he padded me on the back, "Wes, man... there needs to be more assistant managers like you."

That meant a lot to me. SRSLY. And I don't think he was trying to kiss my ass, either. I'm not the type that reacts well to ass-kissing... and everyone in my office knows that. Ass kissing is bullshit and completely obvious. I believe his comment was a genuine, thoughtful compliment to the job I've done. The same job he interviewed for himself.

I am currently in the process of developing a training program for him, so he can successfully transition into the same position that I hold, because, besides his lack of experience in doing what I do, I know he is capable of moving up. He's smart, organized, and very, very driven.

I, unfortunately, feel like I am not doing enough to encourage his need to learn. 

This is my first attempt at being a mentor, manager, trainer, and support device. Any help from you, my wonderful, faithful readers is appreciated.

Is there anything your current boss does that you feel has really nurtured your success?

Is there a specific time you remember your boss stepping up to bat for ya?

Help, help, help!

... apparently, Pete Bouchard has the same up in the air:

Via the fabulous Wicked Gay Blog

Thanks to Wicked Gay Blog for reminding me of how much I love this song!

Pit shot at the end!

... is always the best policy. And this will inspire you. Make you happy. Make you proud. And, hopefully, make you more honest than you already are. 

So, to be honest: I am jealous of the friends I have and all they have.

Your turn, readers.

Not sure about this one, so I need some reader input. In a recent interview, Kathy said the following regarding the dropping of her blatant F-Bomb during her live New Years Eve broadcast on CNN:
What’s funny is I got a lot of ink about the F-bomb and yet my favorite joke of the night was when I asked Anderson if, because he was so handsome, does he ever stand in front of a mirror naked pleasuring himself.
Now... for those of us who work in customer service, have worked in customer service, and hate(d) working in customer service, we all remember the company telling us "OMG! NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER EVER use company jargen, or "internal language", when speaking with the customer!" Remember that?

Kathy says she "got a lot of ink about the F-bomb". A lot of ink? That's total company jargen for the celebs! Now we all know what kind of conversations the celebs have over text messages after big news hits the streets:

"Hey JLo, saw the ink about your bah-donk-ah-donk. You rock, girl."

"How much ink you'd get for the divorce, chica? U takin' the house?"

"Man, did u c the ink about ur girl? that shit tru, bro?"

"Ink's sayin ur gay man. Always knew... but I'm cool. 50-cent ain't tho."

So what do you all think? Is "ink" internal language for the celebrity world, or am I just a fag behind the times?

BFD... we've all sexually assaulted him in some way or another. If the tabloids published a news article that described what I've done to him, I don't know what the world would do. Tell me I'm dreaming? Probably...

The situation in Haiti is awful, awful, awful. I've been participating in a few donation efforts (text messages, online donations, etc.) to help as much as I can. And a video like this makes me want to donate more. Like every last penny of my paycheck:

Click here to find out what the celebrity world is doing to help relief efforts.

Here's a new TV spot by France's AIDES Foundation. I like the idea, and it's wicked cute, but is this ad promoting underground sex in bathrooms, with multiple partners, all while wearing the same jimmy? I'm not trying to take the fun out of it, because the ad is very, very fun to watch. It's sort of like a thriller movie... "OMG! What's gunna happen to Junior! Why doesn't anyone want to be his friend? Why's everybody running?"

But when you get down to the nitty gritty of it, I think people who frequent metro bathrooms for sex are the only ones who will get it. No?

Although, it is by far and away better than this shit (click to embiggen, if you really want to):


In the words of Rose Lindsey: "Carolyn, you want to be executive material? Keep an eye on Sue Ellen." Exactly, Das Comitee... Keep an eye on France, because this is executive material (click to embiggen. Careful pumpkins, these images are NSFW when blown up.):

Any favorites or opinions?

I am the new generation of masturbator. I've seen it all. Before I make coffee, I've seen more butt holes than a proctologist does in a week... I have masturbated myself out of serious problems in my life. The phone doesn't pick up because I'm masturbating. And I have excused myself at the oddest times so as to not make mistakes. If Tiger Woods only knew when to jerk off. It has a true market value, like gold bullion. [It's] because I want to take a brain bath. It's like a hot whirlpool for my brain, in a brain space that is 100 percent agreeable with itself.
- John Mayer in Rolling Stone

While it sounds like John took about eight hits off the spray-paint can before this interview, I couldn't agree more. Bad day at work? Masturbate on your lunch break. Boyfriend pissing you off? Masturbate all over his favorite suit... right before the big meeting. Good workout and feeling ripped? Masturbate to loosen up all those tense muscles. Long road trip? Masturbate while driving.

Masturbation is the cure all. Except, for me, it isn't like a hot whirlpool for my brain. It just feels good.

A T-Mobile Commercial and then making the cover AARP? I understand times are hard for everyone, but I'm seriously disappointed in Megan Mullally's decision to perform a musical number to something as awful as "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", which is basically plastic that's processed to taste like butter.

Honey... what's happening, what's going on here:

You know, when I can't fit my entire message into 150 characters... I change the way my message reads, or I turn it into two separate messages. I don't send off a tweet that makes me look like an illiterate idiot who doesn't know how to spell, use punctuation, spaces, or proper grammar.

I'm all about new gay-friendly hangouts, but the new one coming to Denver, called Swallows (I know, I know...) doesn't sound that fantastic. Considering that it's managed by the same team as Tracks, owned by Tracks, and has the same light and sound setup as Tracks, it, well... just sounds like an extension of Tracks.

What exactly makes this place different from the normal twinkie and drug filled hangout commonly known as Tracks?

Click to embiggen.

What ever twitter-fuck who thought it would be funny to tweet smack about Michael C. Hall's choice of headwear at the Golden Globes deserves the Dexter treatment... PRONTO.

As Michael got up on stage to accept his award as one of the best actors, ever, in one of the best shows, ever, this shit rang loud and clear across the twitterverse:

How about this: he's hiding a bald head from cancer treatment, you heartless loser.

mKay... thanks!

If you don't have yet, go get it bitches. The HRC has released a first of it's kind... a free iPhone App to help you support the businesses that support us. In a nutshell, it allows you to access HRC's Buying For Equality Guide to see how gay-friendly store-bought brands are.

I've downloaded it already (probably behind the rest of you!), and it's incredibly simple to use:

Red = Brands to avoid
Yellow = Brands that have made some progress
Green = Brands to support

It has an easy search feature that allows you to quickly shop by category and name; even a feature that allows you to send an email to friends and family to spread the word about your favorite brands.

I've taken the liberty to search for some of the absolute essentials for all of you:

Coors Light: GREEN!
Target: GREEN!
Captain Morgan: GREEN!

Now that we're all set there, go download the app and start supporting the businesses that support us!

Lady Gaga is selling T-Shirts, with all proceeds going to Haiti relief.

Ugh. A depressing blow to the folks of Massachusetts and the entire democratic Senate. Today, Republican Scott Brown won the special election for Ted Kennedy's seat.

Nice one Massachusetts... nice. In the words of Madeline Ashton, "I just want you to know one thing... You brought this on yourself..."


Big ups to WGB for reminding us of Betty White's 88th birthday! That bitch is fabulous.
One of our favorite Golden Girls turned 88 years old today but she isn’t taking it easy because she is shooting a pilot for a sitcom with Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Happy Birthday Rose!

Not sure who this is? Look here and be utterly surprised.

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Michael Radon