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Readers. Good lord. Imma be washing my sheets two times tomorrow. Because I just had the most INTENSE and ENJOYABLE, wettest wet dream of my entire life... with this:

I just woke up in a VERY sticky situation readers, and had to share this with all of you. Because, seriously, it was the most amazing sex that I've ever, and will never, have with an over-sized, blue-stripe-dicked, tail-bearing, Dracula-teethed, hissing, yellow-eyed, pony-tail-to-the-dick-bonding, loin-clothed man. Have any of you ever had sex with a man who's tail wavered back and forth behind his head when he came? 

Didn't think so. But, let me tell ya... it's quite the experience.

I'm not sure if this makes me the biggest freak, or luckiest man, in the entire world. 


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