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Oh, readers... fabulous! This means the rumors that were circulating for three entire fucking years actually were true! Colorado residents, rejoice. Because this is some big shit! And they're going to put crap-tastic American Furniture Warehouse out of business. You all know who I'm talking about... the company who's 800-year old owner is always on TV with those ridiculous farm and circus animals crawling all over him and his low-quality furniture. What's his name again? Jake Jabs?

Anway, they've broken ground on the new location and are expecting to have the store opening in the Fall of 2011 in Park Meadows (bleh!), which is only appropriate, since that area is CHOCK full of psychotic soccer moms and conservative families with no money who live in small, expensive looking homes and cart their spoiled, snot-faced children to school and back in over-sized SUV's and other vehicles they can't afford to drive.

The good news is, the opening date leaves me plenty of time to save up some money and get in shape, cuz this is going to be the new cruising spot for all the gay men in Colorado. Too bad it'll be all cold and wintry then. I guess I'll just have to find a REALLY tight hoodie to wear. ;-)


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