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... until someone gets tasered in front of thousands of people and on national television! Poor Steve Consalvi... all he wanted was his moment in the spotlight, and some rent-a-cop had to come along and ruin it for him
Steve Consalvi, 17, is a senior at Boyertown High and 'a real good student, heading to Penn State,' according to his father, Wayne, 45, who owns Consalvi Auto Repair in Pottstown. Steve even called from the park last night, asking for permission to run on the field, as the Phillies hosted the St. Louis Cardinals, the elder Consalvi said. 'He said, 'Dad, can I run on the field? I said, 'I don't think you should, son.'' 'This would be a once in a lifetime experience!' the son said.
OK, true, true. Running onto the field is a little cliche. A lot of people do it, all the time. But not all of them get tasered! Steve gets bonus points!


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