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Hi Readers!

Yes, this blog DOES still exist... and I'm still alive and breathing (barely). Sorry for taking an entire week off and totally neglecting all of you!

Now, now, now. I'm not back in full force as of yet. My company has given me a lovely task, and that task is... re-writing our entire 13-page Rental Agreement for all of our new residents! I'm sure this sounds like everyone's idea of hell, but I have to admit readers, I am having the TIME OF MY LIFE doing this! 

I'm such an anal-retentive person, that this is by far and away, the perfect project for my face. And I'm taking as much free time as I can to get this done and get it done right. If they implement this new lease, it will be a giant rainbow feather in my little gay hat and totally protect the company I LURRRRRRV working for. 

Thanks for your patience over these past few days, and the following few days, while I stick my giant, Italian nose into legal binders and landlord/tenant law books and create the most rock-solid lease ever designed! 

I love you all and promise to work you into my next wet-dream with John Scully's Avatar. Just let me know if you want top or bottom.

K, Thanks!


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