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I don't know how many of you work out of those how-ever-many-story high office buildings in downtown or the business-developed suburbs of the town you live in, but I've been doing it for 6 months here in Denver (to the day, thank you very much) and can I just tell you? I hate it. I... hate it.

As many of you know, for years I worked on-site at an apartment community dealing with residents, phone calls, and offices full of people to interact with. Maintenance men would be buzzing around the office, residents would be shuffling in and out of the clubhouse, coworkers would mingle and talk about resident and company gossip. For the most part, life was good. I enjoyed going into work. I enjoyed what I did. It gave me a sense of accomplishment in the world.

Yeah, well... not anymore. Now, I sit in a super duper extra ultra mega quiet office, in a cubicle, with super high walls, a phone, and computer. I sit in my chair all day long and answer emails from people who sit two cubes over from me, push papers, do a lot of administrative duties, in a department that, I'm sad to say, has not grown on me. I never feel like I've accomplished, well... anything. I am a Property Transitions Coordinator. What do I do? I help coordinate the transition of apartment communities to and from our company. Pretty simple? Yes. Interesting? No. Rewarding? No. Ever changing? ABSOLUTELY. Any consistency? No, other than the fact that everything happens at the very last minute.

Don't get wrong. I LOVE the company I work for. They really do take care of their employees. Much better than I've seen in my whole working life. My boss is understanding, flexible, and great to work for. She goes to bat for the people on her team. Our CEO is actually with it and doesn't expect unrealistic results. All good things. 

But here's what I can't stand about this new position. (1) I can't stand sitting in a cubicle day in and day out. I need to be up and moving. I need to do things besides copy and paste information in Excel spreadsheets and answer emails all day. (2) I hate corporate office conversations. Most of them involve the retarded (in a deep, country club voice) "Heeeey Mike! Nice job on the Smith Account there bud! Pretty soon you're going to be up for that promotion!!" or the typical filler conversation in the break room "Hey everyone, it's Friday!" "Did you check out the game last night? That birdie was unreal!" "Any plans for the weekend?" "Did you check out the new girl in accounting? Man does she have some skills!" It's all just so annoying. (3) I don't get corporate office jokes. I just don't get them. I mean... who makes up a joke about not knowing what a PDF is? Or who tells a joke that involves the company firewall and a hamster? DUMB. (4) Everyday I deal with the awkward, eyebrow-bounce smile from my coworkers. You all know what I'm talking about. That fake smile where people pull their lips in, purse them, and pull their eyebrows up and down real-quick at the same time. I get that... at least 20 times a day. (5) Last, but not least, I cannot stand the fact that people who work IN THE SAME OFFICE AND ON THE SAME FLOOR as I do, send me an email to ask a question. Get up from your cube and come over and ask. It won't kill you. And guess what... I'm a nice guy! 

I knew taking this job was going to be an adjustment, but I didn't realize it was going to take this much adjusting. Nor did I think it was going to take me 6 months to NOT get anymore comfortable with my new job. Even after how welcoming everyone has been, I'm still not digging it. 

I'm hoping to get back to the property sometime in the near future. I'd like to explore other avenues, but guess what... I'm almost 30. Not a good time to start a new career path. I'll post on THAT milestone tomorrow. 

Wish me luck for the day tomorrow. Ugh. Here's to CODB!


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