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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine went pretty well, except for all those pesky hangovers! But, I asked for it. And my body gave it to me! Hard. This hangover has no doubt taken 2 days to get over. I'm FINALLY starting to feel better after my night of drinking at Tracks nightclub here in Denver (a place I won't go to again even if my retarded, over priced cover charge and drinky-poos were covered all night!).

Tonight I'm going to sit down and set some goals for myself. After this weekend I realized a few things, and of those things, the most important is that I'm really not happy with where I'm at in life right now. I'm not depressed or suicidal or anything, but I'm going to find what's in the way of me getting the things I want. At the top of my list? Owning a freaking home and finding the love of my life. I do enjoy my private time, but I think I'm ready to share that private time with someone else.

Anybody single?

Going to keep this post short. I have some thinking to do. Peace out!


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